Places to Eat (with your kids) for a Global Experience in Tulsa

Take your kids on a culinary trip without leaving town.

Food brings people together across a multitude of differences, inviting everyone to take a seat at the table. Trying ethnic dishes is a delicious way to introduce children to other countries and cultures without ever leaving the United States. The tastes, textures and smells of many lands can be found right here in Tulsa and the surrounding area. Why not take a trip in your own backyard and go global in Green Country? Here are a few places to get you started.

Gyros by Ali

Brothers Tariq and Adnan Ali bring the authentic New York City food truck experience to Tulsa. Gyros by Ali began as a simple food truck venture and, as business began to grow, the brothers decided to open a restaurant in south Tulsa. Gyros by Ali offers mouthwatering, street-style gyros, falafels and hot dogs with a Mediterranean twist. The Tulsa natives, with their Pakistani background, bring a unique and cultured culinary experience to their family friendly restaurant. “We wanted to keep it as authentic as possible,” Tariq said. “All of our recipes are family recipes. They are passed down from generation to generation.”

That family-oriented way of thinking can be felt throughout the brothers’ restaurant. Located near many area schools, Gyros by Ali is often filled with families side-by-side laughing and enjoying a delicious meal.

Of course, Gyros by Ali offers a fun kids’ menu with all of the classics including hot dogs, chicken nuggets and fries. But, according to Tariq, the most popular item with the younger crowd might surprise some people. “Honestly, people just love our gyros,” he said. “We have a lot of kids come in here and they love the gyros.”

Located directly across the street from the CityPlex Towers, this food-truck-to-stationary restaurant is beaming with Tulsa pride. “I just love the small town feel of it,” Tariq said. “My family is here, my friends are here. I grew up in Tulsa. I just feel like it’s home.”

Gyros by Ali: 8232 S. Lewis Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74137, 918.528.6107

Margaret’s German Restaurant

Located in the heart of The Farm Shopping Center, Margaret’s German Restaurant has been a beloved dining staple in Tulsa for over 25 years. Decorated with beautifully crafted steins, tasty German delicacies, and a larger-than-life mural of the German countryside, Margaret’s offers a unique and charming experience that customers won’t soon forget.

In 1989 Polish-born Margaret Rzepczynski bought an existing German-style restaurant and transformed it into a local household name. Children that used to visit the restaurant over a decade ago now bring their own children in to experience Tulsa’s little taste of Germany. “Now the kids are all married or just graduated,“ Rzepczynski said. “I’ll see them now and they are taller than me!”

Margaret goes out of her way to take care of the kids that come into her restaurant. “My kids always get some kind of treat, most importantly, gummy bears.” Rzepczynski said. Margaret’s also offers a fun and interactive kids’ menu that teaches  children basic German words and phrases. Grilled cheese sandwiches, chicken nuggets and hot dogs, a German favorite, are just a few of the choices kids have on their menu. Another unique feature is the wide selection of candies and chocolates displayed on the front counter. With all of the kid-friendly options Margaret’s offers, parents can really relax and enjoy some delicious and genuine German dishes. From the popular wiener schnitzels and potato salads all the way to the authentic sauerkraut, Tulsans can experience many delicious meals from a beautiful European country.

Rzepczynski proudly represents her Polish heritage but also beams with Tulsa pride. “All the people here are just so nice and friendly” she said. “It’s so pretty here and the people truly make the city.”

Rzepczynski and her wonderful staff definitely make Margaret’s a must visit for any Tulsan. And whenever you get a chance, make sure you drop by and give Margaret a friendly “Guten Tag!”

Margaret’s German Restaurant: 5107 S. Sheridan Road, Tulsa, OK 74145, 918.622.3747


Local restaurant veteran Shifali Bhullar is back with a new dining adventure for Tulsans. Cumin offers customers a true Indian getaway with sights and sounds from the beautiful south Asian country. Inside, diners are greeted by the colorful melody of some of the most famous Bollywood soundtracks. Every table is decorated with traditional dishware imported straight from India. The walls are adorned with authentic Indian artwork, and Cumin’s famous logo is created entirely of the spices from India. Cumin truly does a fantastic job of setting the mood for a delightful meal.

Bhullar, Punjabi born and Tulsa raised, stated that everything she learned about cooking was from watching her mother. “I cook from the heart.” Bhullar said. “I cook here exactly the same way I cook at home.”

Bhullar, now a mother of two, realizes the importance of catering to children who might not be accustomed to eating Indian food. Bhullar does a great job of blending Indian and American foods for kids. Cumin offers a meal that includes the delicious Indian naan (bread) with cheese, which creates sort of a culturally-hybrid grilled cheese sandwich. With fun menu options like these, children can enjoy their food while allowing parents to peacefully enjoy their favorite Indian dishes.

Whether you’re stopping by for your lunch break or enjoying a nice dinner out in the city, Cumin offers something for every taste palate. Their popular lunch buffet offers a wide variety of food choices including the house favorite, chicken tikka masala. Or try the very popular paneer (cheese) dishes that are favorites among kids. Located in the shopping area of 71st and Memorial, Cumin has become an ideal spot for dining out when you crave Indian food.

Cumin: 8242 E. 71st Street, Tulsa, OK 74133, 918.994.7404

Facebook Feedback:

We asked our followers to share some of their family’s favorite spots; as usual, they did not disappoint. Check out their suggestions below.

  • Margaret’s German Restaurant is one of our favorites. The food is great and my kid enjoys the candy store area of course!
  • Jim’s Never on Sundays!
  • JK’s Thai Buffet (in BA). My kids love it! Pad Thai, chicken satay with peanut sauce, sticky rice….all their food is delicious!
  • We love the Al Sultan Mediterranean buffet. My kids love their food and they like having the unusual drinks to choose from.
  • Mi Tiera Peruvian Restaurant in south Tulsa. Empanadas, fried plantains, you name it!
  • La Reyna taco truck at 21st and Garnett
  • Our kiddos (ages 4 & 6) love India Palace. A few of their favorites are naantandoori chicken and papad.
  • Keo. Love Keo. Mi Si Am is the best.
  • ekong: most authentic Vietnamese food in town. My kiddos love the usual American choices (pho, egg rolls, spring rolls, egg noodles).; Korean garden: marinated slice beef, white rice, barley tea, sweet potatoes; Gogi gui Korean grill: Korean tacos; Thai village: pad Thai, curry; Tropical: pad Thai, fried mango
  • Bangkok Thai buffet: Tofu noodles and “colored chips” fried rice crisps. Orange slices and jello for dessert.
  • Helen of Troy!
  • Villa Ravenna for classic Italian. Yum.
  • China Star in Sand Springs
  • The India Palace. We’ve been eating great food there for 12 years. My kids like the chicken tikka, rice, Naan bread, and the chicken tikka masala.
  • Theres is a small chinese place at 51st and Memorial (never remember the name) food is awesome!. Good prices too..A mexican place called “El centenario
  • Bamboo Thai. The kiddos love the Fresh Rolls and the Phad Thai. Gotta ask for no spice, though, as their spice levels are at least a step above anywhere else in town. My personal fav is the Green Curry.
  • Asian Fusion. It’s kind of and Asian mash up, but the owners are Malaysian.
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