Pinterest-Worthy Pancake Art?

No Special Skills or Equipment Required!

First, a disclaimer. This was supposed to be a post full of adorable pancake art that anyone could do. I Googled images of “cute pancakes” and “animal pancakes,” and the results looked so simple, I thought, “I can totally do this.”

Fast forward to a Sunday evening that found me fretting over lumpy batter, a deep stack of odd-shaped pancakes and a pancake owl that somehow did NOT resemble a bird.  I think I was trying to do too much in a short amount of time.

Absolutely horrifying. Thankfully it didn’t take long to clean up.

However, Joss devoured half of his pancake caterpillar, had fun changing its smile to a frown, so I’d say…even if you try these designs and they don’t turn out perfect, your kids will get a kick out of them.

You can make cute pancake art to fit any theme: a caterpillar with strawberry hearts for Valentine’s Day, a ghost for Halloween, bunny bottoms for Easter, a snowman for winter, etc.

I posted this to TulsaKids’ Instagram last Easter. So cute!

Even better, all of these designs can be made with just a few extra ingredients: fruit (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and bananas) and chocolate chips. Since they’re so easy, I’m just going to include the name of the design and a photo. You can probably figure it out from there–if not, you can always email me at! Alternately, here’s a YouTube video that shares how to make several of these designs.

The Lion

Made the mistake of using chocolate cookie frosting for the mouth, which just ran together since the pancake was still warm. I’d recommend probably making this a little bigger so the mane looks more…mane-like.

The Monkey

Bunny Variation

The Owl

Daniel had to fix my owl. Make sure you use strawberries that are on the pointier side so they look more like wings!


Look at that little face! It was harder than I expected to get the smaller circles (roughly) the same size!


Not my best work, haha. I had purchased bacon with the intent of using that as a decorative element, but didn’t have the time/energy to cook it. But you could use bacon to create a scarf and maybe even a hat so his head doesn’t look so cold!




I was very proud because this is an “original” design, and was one of my favorites! He’s so cute! This also was a good reminder that, although most of these designs are based on circles and ovals, you can always get creative when you pour the batter into the pan!

And of course, the Caterpillar

It’s just so cute! Should have tapered its tail off a little more, but oh well. Joss ate over half of this little guy WITHOUT syrup. Didn’t even ask for it. I think he was distracted by the cuteness–so that’s a win!

Do you do pancake art tips? Feel free to share them–clearly, I’m no pro! But I do have fun 🙂

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