My Tulsa Top Three

When I started homeschooling my children five years ago, I worried I wouldn’t be able to give them the kind of rich experiences I had as a child growing up in Atlanta. I have since found that concern to be totally without merit. I have lived in Tulsa for almost fourteen years now and I am still discovering new places to see and things to do right here in our fair city. I could go on and on about all the places I love here. Actually, I do just that over at my blog! But for now, here are my top three Tulsa picks…

3. Guthrie Green

Our office is over in the Brady District right around the corner from Guthrie Green, so we have watched as this has become a great part of the revitalization of our neighborhood. It’s a place that shines by bringing a vibrant, modern energy to downtown. With its music, fitness and food trucks, Guthrie Green has the spirit of a city happening now and, no disrespect to our past, but today looks really good on Tulsa.

2. The Tulsa Library

What can I say? I love the library! “Libraries Change Lives,” or at least they can if you take advantage of all the library offers our community. I know with the Internet and Barnes and Noble, a trip to the library can seem a little slow-paced, but I think that’s the beauty of it. For children, a trip to the library can be a comforting ritual that teaches a love of books and responsibility and so much more. However, if an old fashioned look up and check out session isn’t your thing, no problem! With a library card you can access all sorts of information and archives, and even download free music and movies. Oh, and I still haven’t mentioned all the great classes they offer for all ages, and free homework support. Find your nearest branch and go be changed!

1. My number one Tulsa pick is the world class Philbrook Museum of Art.

The beautiful setting tells a truly Tulsa story, while the art tells the story of the world. Philbrook feels like our museum. It’s one of the first places Taylor took me in Tulsa when we were dating, and I’ve been taking my children since they were born. It offers plenty of activities to keep children engaged, and the relaxed and knowledgeable staff makes our visits enjoyable for everyone. The gardens are also a favorite of ours and we go whenever we get the chance. The temporary exhibits have been great lately and our homeschool group has to keep circling back every couple months to check out what’s new.

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