Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2021

Our family has basically been limiting our COVID-year celebrations to takeout and DoorDash. Which is totally fine, because food is probably my favorite way to celebrate anyway! But I’ve been trying to think of some other ideas. And for help, I turned to our Facebook group, TulsaParents, for their recommendations! I’ll start with my Mother’s Day Gift ideas and finish with theirs.

1. All The Dessert

This encompasses a lot! But I’ll always be happy to receive a treat. Recently, Joss and I stopped by Zoe’s Cakes Unlimited on Cherry Street. They had a tres leches cheesecake that was a-mazing. Very indulgent and perfect for a special celebration. They also had some blueberry lemon cookies that looked incredible.

Chocolate, of course, is always a good idea. You’ve got Glacier Chocolate, who just opened up a new location in South Tulsa! In addition to chocolate, this location will serve up coffee and pastries. Another favorite that I’ve been meaning to return to is Cricket & Fig. They also have daily meal specials, including a Saturday brunch, I believe. So that could be fun if you’re able to celebrate a day early.

We’ve also been enjoying having Common Tart pie shop in the neighborhood! They just opened a few months ago, and we’re so lucky to have pie within walking distance! They’re closed on Sundays (although sometimes are open Sunday evenings), so you’d have to plan ahead on this one. Just swing by sometime on Saturday to see what they have. We have loved their key lime pie, apple pie, pear almond tart and coconut cream pie. They also have weekly specials – and pop tarts on Saturday mornings!

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2. A Night Out

I love hanging out with Joss, but some Mother’s Day girl time might be in order 🙂 The Shops at Mother Road Market are hosting a Mother’s Day eve shopping event called Moms & Margaritas. A special shopping time sans kids, plus drink specials – and obviously I’d have to stop into Eleanor’s Bookshop. Sounds great!

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Another new place I’ve been wanting to try is Inheritance Juicery downtown at 1st and Detroit. They’re open late (10 p.m.) on Fridays and Saturdays. So if you can get away, this would be a great opportunity to do something fun, healthy and try something new!

And – this is embarrassing because I’ve only been saying this for years now. But I want to go to a local brewery! The ONLY two out of the MANY great local options I’ve been to are American Solera at 18th and Boston (now closed) and Welltown Brewing. We went to Welltown for Tulsa Bar DnD, pre-COVID. But I had a cold and couldn’t even taste the presumably delicious beer they were serving. Right now, I especially want to check out Nothing’s Left Brewing because they have beer slushies that sound intriguing.

3. Spa Treatment

Sweet Mia Natural Nail Spa

TulsaParent Leah Flint Harper recommends getting a gift card to Sweet Mia Natural Nail Spa for a relaxing treat. I visited their Facebook page, and here’s how they describe their Classic Manicure: “This service provides essential nail and cuticle cares, lotion massage, hot stone massage, hot towel wraps, and a non-toxic nail polish application.

No harsh power tools here! Just gentle, intentional, and natural care for our sweet clients.”

Yes, please! True story (I think): I’ve had exactly 1 manicure in my entire life, courtesy of my Nana. Big surprise, but in terms of self-care, I’m more likely to buy myself books and dessert. Or, if we’re talking beauty, face paint and wigs, ha. But just reading about hot stone massages and hot towel wraps make me feel slightly more relaxed already! Sounds divine. Plus, the business was started by a local mom, Quynh Nguyen, following a cancer diagnosis and recovery and is named after her daughter. The cancer diagnosis made Quynh more aware of our common use of harsh chemicals, so Sweet Mia uses natural, made-in-house products. They also have a 1-hour Breakfast & Pedicure option!

Salt Earth Massage & Dry Salt Therapy

Morgan Phillips says she’s asking for a massage and salt treatment at Salt Earth Massage & Dry Salt Therapy. According to their website, “Salt therapy originated in the salt caves and mines of Eastern Europe in the 1800s. As workers were mining salt, the mining process produced micro-sized salt particles that filled the air. Breathing in these particles resulted in the miners having better respiratory function and healthier looking skin despite the dangerous and unhealthy conditions normally associated with mining.

After studying the effects of these phenomena, Dr. Feliks Boczkowski opened the first health facility at Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland in 1839. He believed that spending time in a salt cave was more effective for treating asthma than traditional treatments.”

Plus, they announced on Instagram that they’ll be having a special Mother’s Day event on May 8. So give them a follow if you’d like details about that!


And of course, when thinking about spas, I was reminded of Jen Kerckhoff’s blog post about Poppi’s, which you can read here. They have several treatment options and a luxurious lounge and cafe. You can get a day pass to the lounge, which includes access to a colortherapy lounge, salt room and infrared sauna.

4. Something to Wear

Morgan Phillips is also the founder and author of God Talks With Kids, faith-building conversation cards. (Read my interview with Phillips here.) God Talks With Kids has a fun T-shirt for moms, and they’ll be offering free shipping on their popular “Mamas Raise, Jesus Saves” shirt in advance of Mother’s Day with the code MOTHERSHIP. The shirt is now available in teal, as of April 2021. Order online at Follow on Instagram or @godtalkswithkids on Facebook.

morgan phillips wearing a mamas raise jesus saves tshirt, for article on mother's day gift ideas

Photo courtesy of Morgan Phillips

And when I went to Lavender’s Bleu Literacy Market for Independent Bookstore Day, I got to see their new boutique area. They have customizable T-shirt options for people who love reading! You can choose from a variety of colors and quotes to design your own, personalized shirt. I’d probably need the “Just One More Chapter” option in teal. 🙂 Always staying up too late reading (or if I’m being honest, Netflix-ing). Custom orders must be placed by the Tuesday before Mother’s Day.

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5. Something 100% Unique

Kristi Roe Owen, who writes our Coffee Nebula blog post, said her Mother’s Day wish list item is a personalized tattoo! She came up with the concept idea, but her kids are designing the art. What a cool idea!

If a tattoo isn’t up your alley, you can always do personalized jewelry. The Vintage Pearl is offering a 25%-off TulsaKids discount code, which you can find in our May magazine! Based on their website, it looks like you’d need to order your customized jewelry by April 28 in order to receive it by Mother’s Day, but they have lots of other great options as well. If I had to choose, I’d go with their Name & Stone Stacking Ring Set or Secret Love Message Ring. The first lets you customize the set with a name of choice and a birthstone of choice. And the second gives you up to 28 characters to include in a secret message inside the band.

Alright, that’s it! I’m just hoping to get something homemade from Joss this year 🙂 Maybe we’ll make some clay necklaces together.

Hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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