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3 Tweens Take On Tokyo in Tulsa '19

Kristi’s note: This year, I thought I’d let the kids speak for themselves about their Tokyo in Tulsa experience. I helped transcribe some of their ideas, but most of their language and all of their ideas are original. Please leave…

Top 5 Best and Worst Things About Moving

Greetings, TulsaKids fam! The past few weeks have been hecka fun, filled with fun family trips, Travis Meyer adulation, and talk of upcoming cons and our family's favorite time of year, GISH (formerly known as GISHWHES, the Greatest International Scavenger…

7 Reasons You Should Take the Kids to Plano

Ah, the sounds of summertime in Oklahoma. Birds sing from the dense, green summer canopy. Harleys growl by leaving a wake of testosterone and Barbasol. Firecrackers remind you that you’re still not sure if you live in the best neighborhood.…

Today Is My 43rd Birthday

Today is my 43rd birthday, and I’m feeling pretty good about things. I love being in my forties. I feel better about myself than I did when I was younger, and I’m on the path I want to be on.…

8 Things to Know Before You See Shazam!

If I’m being completely honest, I didn’t have hugely high expectations for Shazam. I expected it to be a cute film my kids would like with some cool special effects and a few witty throwaway lines that would be mildly…

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