OK, I got this email from the New York PR firm promoting MOTHERHOOD, a movie coming out on October 16 on, you guessed it, motherhood. The writer/director is Katherine Dieckmann. Oh, and let me tell you who the mother is – Uma Thurman. I am totally serious. Uma “I have perfect skin and body” Thurman.

They gave her sort of nondescript reddish hair (yikes! I just realized – sort of like my color) and giant, stupid glasses. I guess the point is that moms don’t have time to put in contacts OR choose flattering eyewear. But, hey, if you’re Uma, it’s pretty hard to look bad. But judging from the trailer, they really try. Her hair is always a mess (but in a creative, bohemian way). She wears a nightgown under her coat. The kids are messy and she seems to cry a lot. Her husband is that bald guy that was on the doctor show – Anthony Perkins. Wait, not Perkins. I think Anthony Perkins was the guy in Psycho. Anthony Edwards is her husband. Anyway, he’s sort of dull, but probably nice and understanding.

Here’s the kicker. You all will LOVE this. Uma’s a writer (of course), so she’s completely unfulfilled, because of course you can’t be doing anything worthwhile if you’re “just somebody’s mom,” right? So in order to find herself, Uma writes an essay for a PARENTING PUBLICATION, just like TulsaKids, only in New York. I hope they show the Parenting Publication and their editors and offices because I KNOW those people from going to conventions.

Oh, and it also appears that some hot, young guy is attracted to Uma, despite the fact that she’s a mess and a mother.

What I hope is that the trailer for this film is misleading. I hope that it’s not about how Uma is waiting to quit being a mother so she can get on with her life. Or maybe, even worse, she decides that she can give it all up because suddenly she realizes that she actually likes her kids. Why is it that people can’t have lives AND be moms? Most people I know do that very well. And they’re happy being parents. I know this is a comedy and I shouldn’t take it seriously – and in all fairness, I haven’t seen the film yet, so I may be entirely off track.

But, I have to say, when I first saw the trailer, I laughed, but then I thought about it and it kind of made me angry. I guess we’re supposed to relate to Uma – we moms really are beautiful if we could just get cleaned up.

Maybe somebody could do a study on Hollywood’s depiction of Motherhood through film. Think about it: Psycho, Tootsie, Kramer Vs. Kramer, The Parent Trap (what mom would agree to dividing up those adorable twins?), Mommy, Dearest, Big Momma’s House….

Tell me what you think. We’ll have to go see it. After all, it’s about us.

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