More S#*&@ You Can Do When Your Kids Leave Home


To continue my popular with some people and not popular with others (because of the title) blog, I want to write about a Fatherless Father’s Day. It’s not so bad. Although that’s easy for me to say because on Mother’s Day, I made my husband drive me to visit my nearest child just to have lunch with her – and that was a total of eight hours of driving in one day.

So, what will my husband be doing for Father’s Day weekend? He’ll have coffee in the mug our daughter Mary made for him, as he does every morning. It’s light blue with yellow stripes and pink swirls and says “dad” on the handle. Sometimes I think we might as well get rid of all of our coffee mugs because he only drinks out of that one, and I only drink out of the one that our other daughter Anna gave to me.

We’ll probably spend some time talking about the interesting things our kids are doing without us, and we’ll wait for them to call, which they will because they’re super nice kids. They’ll call their dad and wish him happy Father’s Day. (Hint to moms: It’s always a good idea to send a text reminding your kids that Father’s Day is approaching.)

I think it would be fun to go to see “Much Ado About Nothing” at Guthrie Green this weekend, which my husband will go along with if we can go have a beer at McNellie’s beforehand. Also, Philbrook Downtown opened and is free this weekend. I’m anxious to see it and, even though I know it’s great to take small children to art museums, I don’t miss the short attention span rushing from painting to painting. So, an adult experience of Shakespeare and art is not a bad thing. See, there is life beyond children.

I’ll ask my husband what he wants to eat for Father’s Day, which will probably involve steak. I’m not a huge meat-eater, but I’m willing to go along. And, I can spend a little more money on really good beef because I’m cooking for two, not five. Well, my son doesn’t eat beef anyway, but you get my point.

Would I rather have all of my kids home to celebrate Father’s Day? Of course. But my husband can be happy in the knowledge that he raised some pretty great people who are out in the world, being independent and building lives for themselves. What more could he want?

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