Moore Growing the Artistic Limits of Tulsa’s Youth

Living Arts of Tulsa’s ArtCore Studio program recharged with a new coordinator, Lydia Moore. ArtCore is an entirely free, afterschool art program for middle and high school kids funded in part by the Oklahoma Arts Council. It has been designed to allow imaginative youth to push creative boundaries. The course offers a chance for kids to pursue ideas using performance, installation, video art, and music.

Each student is encouraged to bring their individual ideas and skills and apply them to a collaborative final project. At the end of the classes, the art students invite family, friends and general public to view their work realized as a multidisciplinary exhibition in the Living Arts West End Gallery.

Living Arts of Tulsa has been known as the Tulsa region’s incubator of contemporary art since 1969. In continuing this mission, LA offers a chance for the youth of Tulsa to take chances, make discoveries and create cutting edge art of their own with the ArtCore Studio Program. Tulsa’s best multidisciplinary instructors have always taught ArtCore. Lydia Moore is no exception.

Lydia Moore, a Tulsa native, will be the coordinator for the 2015 Spring Session. She has spent her entire life interested in visual art. Lydia’s parents and grand parents fostered her interest in art form a young age. She remembers them working hard to provide her opportunity to go to classes and camps at the Philbrook Museum of art. Eventually, her pursuit of creative endeavors manifested in a degree in Arts Management from the University of Tulsa.

Moore’s broad experience will bring a fresh perspective to the Living Arts youth art program. In the past, Moore has facilitated classes at the Diorama Arts Centre in London, taught for Living Arts New Camp and for Boston Avenue Methodist Church Summer Art Camp. In addition to Lydia’s new position as the ArtCore Studio Instructor, she currently teaches adult art classes at the Hardesty Art Center (AHHA) and works as the facilitator of the Any Given Child Program implemented by The Kennedy Center.

ArtCore Studio will be held at Living Arts of Tulsa located at 307 East M.B. Brady St. Tulsa, OK. Classes will begin with a Brainstorming Meeting scheduled for February 1st, 2015 at 2:00pm. Classes will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30pm – 7:30pm until the culminating exhibition on Friday, March 13th, 2015. The students will begin by pick a topic to explore and over the following weeks pursue their concept with guidance from Lydia and guest instructors adding expertise in their area. For additional information about the ArtCore Studio program, contact Living Arts of Tulsa by phone, (918) 585-1234, email, or visit the website:

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