Miller Swim School: Birthday Parties that Make a Splash!

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Thanks to Miller Swim School, your kids can have a fantastic pool party no matter what month their birthday falls in! Miller has two convenient locations, 6415 S. Mingo Rd. and 525 W. 91st St. Parties are available on Saturday and Sunday afternoons and evenings and last for two hours. Each party includes lifeguards, a T-shirt for the birthday child, and 1 Family Swim Pass for all participating children.

Below, Miller Swim School answers questions about their birthday party options. You can also learn more in TulsaKids’ Party Planner and at

1. What different party packages do you offer? Do you offer different packages based on age? Price?


Option 1 : $200

  • For the Hippo, Observation Room 1 or Observation Room 2 [room depends on time slot]
  • 15 swimmers; $13 per additional swimmer up to 20

Option 2 : $270

  • For the Hippo, Observation Room 1 or Observation Room 2 [room depends on time slot]
  • 20 swimmers; $13 per additional swimmer up to 25

Option 3: $400

  • For Observation Room 1 or Observation Room 2
  • 30 swimmers; $12.50 per additional swimmer up to 40

Private Party: $520

  • Includes both Observation Room 1 & Observation Room 2 and private use of the pool
  • 50 swimmers


Option 1 : $325

  • 20 swimmers; $13 per additional swimmer up to 25

Option 2 : $425

  • 30 swimmers; $12.50 per additional swimmer up to 40

Option 3 : $525

  • 50 swimmers

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2. What is the limit to the number of guests that can attend a pool party? If there are more guests, do you provide additional life guards, or is that unnecessary?

See the Party Package descriptions above for limits. Parties are at specific quantities in order to accommodate for guards. There is a specific ratio of swimmers to guards we have to abide by per Red Cross regulations.

3. Is there a difference between the party rooms/setup in your Mingo and Jenks locations? What do the party rooms look like?

Our TULSA location has two party rooms. Both are similar, booked based on number of swimmers in party (one is bigger than the other). Adults are able to view the pool from either room. They both have tile floors.

Our JENKS location has one party room. It is colorful, open to pool deck, with colored carpet.

4. What should parents bring, as far as décor, food, etc.?

Most things are permitted. We ask that party hosts do NOT bring red drinks, confetti or dry ice.

5. What should guests plan to bring? Towel? Goggles?

We leave that up to the party parent. We recommend guests bring a suit, towel and toys. Goggles are personal preference for swimmers. They can purchase all 3 at our facilities also.

6. Are changing rooms provided?

Yes. Showers and restrooms are also provided.

7. I see that all guests receive a pass to come back for Family Swim. What is Family Swim, and when is it held?

Family swim in an Open Swim time we offer on weekends, year-round at both locations. Generally, its $5 per swimmer over age 3. The Family Swim schedule is:

  • TULSA: Saturdays and Sundays, 4-6 p.m.
  • JENKS: Fridays, 6:15-8:15 p.m. and Saturdays, 1:15-3:15 p.m.

8. In addition to gift cards, can people purchase gifts at Miller Swim School?

We have swim toys, goggles, swim suits, swim gear, towels, tshirts, sunscreen, swim shampoo/cond/body wash, etc. etc. etc. We also have an ONLINE shop where they can purchase and pick up for free with code LOCALPICKUP.

9. Does the lifeguard also serve as a party host – someone to help guide and time activities, etc?

The lifeguard is a party host in a sense. They help load and unload cars, set up/tear down as necessary, review safety rules, administer swim test, etc. However, they are there to keep swimmers safe and water watch, NOT to play games/guide activities.

10. How far in advance does someone generally need to reserve their party time?

2-3 months generally. Some seasons book faster than others. 2 months is typically a sweet spot for booking.

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