Kid’s Clay Gingerbread Ornament Tutorial

Whether you have some air-dry clay, polymer clay, or even want to make your own*, using just a cookie cutter a simple tool or two, your kiddo can create a variety of ornaments to gift loved ones this holiday season! It’s a gift that can be appreciated for years to come!

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(Editor’s Note: Download a PDF of the Gingerbread Clay Ornament tutorial here.)


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  • Your choice of clay!
  • Small cookie cutter(s)
  • Toothpick
  • Old tooth brush
  • String
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Baking paper or aluminum foil (not pictured)
  • Permanent marker (not pictured)

Step 1 and 2:

Screen Shot 2020 11 27 At 9.53.01 AmRoll out your clay! Remember if it is polymer clay, you’ll have to spend some time “conditioning” the clay to get it nice and soft! Do so by rolling it around in your hand to warm it up!

Then, if you would like to keep your cookie cutter food-safe, use plastic wrap between it and the clay! Have the kiddo put all of their weight down to smoosh the shape in the clay.


Step 3:

Use your toothpick to slice the rest of the way through the clay. You can roll up the excess clay and make another!

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Step 4:

The most important step to make your cookie look realistic! Use the old tooth brush to tap a bready texture into your clay!

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Step 5:

Use your toothpick to poke a hole into the top of your cookie! Make sure it’s big enough for your string to go through.

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Step 6:

Make your frosting lines! Choose what color frosting you’d like to add to the cookie, and roll out a long snake of that color! (If you’re using white, make sure to clean hands first!!!)

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Smoosh that snake so that it is a little flat instead of round…but not too flat! (If it got smooshed real flat, don’t worry, clay is great ’cause you can roll it up and start over!)

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Now you can twist the line of frosting to make it look piped and tasty!

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Now add your “frosting” to your cookie! It could be an outline, you could make it an outfit, or you can be super traditional like this gingerbread man here! Slice your frosting snake with the toothpick.

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Step 7:

Add any additional frosting decoration you desire! It doesn’t all have to be twisty…I added a little line for a mouth here!

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(If you’re using white, be sure to finish working with it before moving onto other colors and getting messy!)

Step 8:

Add little “candies” by rolling tiny balls of color and smooshing them right onto your cookie!

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Step 9:

Make some decoration! Here’s how to make a candy cane:

Roll out the two colors you’d like your candy cane to be into two snakes about the same size.

Screen Shot 2020 11 27 At 10.58.57 Am

Twist your two colors together.

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And then roll them together into one smooth snake!

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Make a candy cane shape and trim it with the toothpick. Then decide where to place it on your cookie!

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Step 10:

Personalize the ornament! Maybe add the date to look back on later, or maybe your kiddo can scratch their name right into the front (help make sure they don’t push so hard that it cuts through the clay).

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Step 11:

Finish your ornament! If it is polymer clay, remember you’ll need to cook it! Please follow the directions on your clay packaging and be sure to pre-heat your oven!

To protect your baking sheet, use parchment paper or aluminum foil between it and the creation.

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Once it is finished be sure to let it cool completely before removing it from the tray.

If you’re using air dry clay, simply let the creation sit out for 24 hours before lifting it off of your work surface.

Step 12 and 13:

Sign and date the creation! Whoever gets it as a gift will want to look back on it later! Sharpie is ideal for most clays!

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Add string or ribbon to your ornament and tie. Now it’s ready to wrap up with a bow and be gifted to your favorite folks!

Hope you have fun getting creative with clay!!

*If you’re interested in making your own air-dry clay at home, check out this article: It lists a variety of different recipes, many containing ingredients you likely already have at home!

About Sarah Bowen:

Sarah Bowen is an artist, instructor, and entrepreneur here in Tulsa. She makes her own tiny polymer clay creations under the name Tiny Things by Bowen and runs the party entertainment business, Tiny Things by YOU! If you’re interested in learning more about polymer clay including participating in zoom-based classes or hosting a virtual crafty birthday party, check out her website,!

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