I’m a Tulsa Kid: Police Explorer Matt Moran

Tulsan Matt Moran is getting firsthand experience in police enforcement through the Tulsa Police Explorers Program. Matt and his fellow Police Explorers assist Tulsa Police officers with traffic at community and special events, compete in regional and national Police Explorer competitions and even ride along with police officers. The homeschool junior takes law enforcement classes at Tulsa Tech and concurrent classes at Rogers State University.

matt moran, a member of the tulsa police explorers programTK: Why did you get involved in the Tulsa Police Explorers Program?

Matt: I got involved because I want to work in law enforcement. I saw being a part of the Tulsa Police Explorers as being a great opportunity to see if law enforcement is what I really want to do.

TK: Once an Explorer, how do you learn about being an officer?

Matt: After you join Explorers and have been there three months, you can take a ride-along test and, after passing, you can schedule a ride-along with an officer to go on their shift with them. It really helps to see what kinds of things they are exposed to. At Tulsa Police Explorers, we get officers from drug, gang, traffic and Special Operation Teams to come out and help train us.

TK: Have you been involved in any Police Explorer competitions?

Matt: I have been to competitions in Dallas, Wichita – we placed 2nd overall —and to the National Police Explorer Convention in Fort Collins, CO in 2012.

TK: Have you had an opportunity to ride along in a police car?

Matt: I have ridden with four different Tulsa Police Officers on their shifts. I joke with my friends and tell them I have ridden in the back of a police car to jail. The ride-alongs provide one-on-one time to talk with the officers and find out more about the job. All I have heard is that being a police officer is the best job in the world.

TK: How do Police Explorers help in the community?

Matt: Tulsa Police Explorers believe in community service. We provide traffic control and security at various community events. We annually help out at the Shop with a Cop at Christmas time. Recently we went to Moore, OK and helped out with cleanup after the tornado.