I’m a Tulsa Kid: Maxwell Musick – Riverfield Rocks Band Program

Ask anyone at Riverfield Country Day School in Tulsa who Maxwell Musick is and he or she will tell you, “A musician.” Max loves music and participates in the Riverfield Rocks program. When not practicing or performing music, Maxwell seeks mindfulness on the Yoga mat, writes for the school newspaper and is on the school’s diversity committee.

maxwell musick, a participants in the riverfield rocks programTK: When did you begin taking music lessons and what instrument did you start playing?

Maxwell: Well, I started with guitar; however, I was singing before then. I have been taking lessons since sixth grade, although my focus has not been guitar the entire time. Sometimes we talk about song structure or chord progressions. Other times it’s how to EQ something properly or talking about harmonies. Whatever is necessary.

This past summer I went to Berklee College of Music for a little over a month for the five-week program and got a private teacher for vocals, which is the first time I had ever had voice lessons. My teacher was/is an opera singer. It was interesting how different the two of us were, but the underlying truth was that we were both singers. We both needed to focus on how to sing properly and how to take care of our bodies so that we could perform our best. That is what we covered mainly, technique.

TK: You are in the Riverfield Rock Band Program. What rock group do you perform with and what instrument do you play?

Maxwell: I currently play with Hayakawa, and did so last year also. I sing for the band and have, when needed, played guitar.

TK: What are some of your favorite music styles and bands?

Maxwell: This a little hard. I used to be dead set on what exactly I like, but recently I have found that I can be interested in a lot of different types of music. I have found myself in my friend’s car while she plays rap and really enjoying it; whereas, in the past I mainly listened to people like Belle and Sebastian, Grizzly Bear, Fiest and bands of that nature. I believe that those bands have given me the most inspiration, but I’ve found that music in all forms can be greatly appreciated. At the end of the day, though, any song that builds like crazy with flowing melody and maybe even strings or horns.

TK: Do you play in bands outside of school?

Maxwell: Yes, I do actually. I do a lot of writing. Lyrics I mean. I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself a writer writer, just someone who writes. I play in a band called La Lune. The people in it are really amazing to work with. They are willing to practice, and are dedicated, but they are also just really lovely to be around. Just honest people who are funny, smart and talented.

TK: What do you foresee you will do with music in college and beyond?

Maxwell: I very much hope to continue playing, writing, performing and recording music. I am a junior this year in high school, so college is definitely on my mind, but if I were to say exactly where I wanted to go, I would be lying. I don’t honestly know. I have many plans. Maybe too many. Sometimes I wish I had no ideas about the future, then I would not be disappointed by whatever happens, and I could be fine with floating from one place to the next. I am determined, however, to do something of significance at least.

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