I’m a Tulsa Kid: Jonah Middlebrook Eisenhower Safety Patrol

Each school day, rain or shine, Tulsa Eisenhower International School (EIS) 5th grader Jonah Middlebrook’s job, along with his fellow Safety Patrol team, is to keep his fellow students safe as they come and go from school. EIS Safety Patrol students are selected 5th graders who serve as role models and leaders of the student body, said EIS Principal Belinda Baldwin.

“Safety Patrol helps make EIS safer during the morning and afternoon by having the student leaders in the hallways modeling and reminding students of the EIS procedures and, specifically, hallway procedures,” Baldwin said. “The other students look up to the fifth graders, and the Safety Patrol is a very visible face of EIS.”

TK: How did you get involved in Safety Patrol?

Jonah: I volunteered, and then I was selected from the volunteers from both French and Spanish.

TK: Once you are on Safety Patrol, do you go through training?

Jonah: Yes, they tell you the basics of what you have to do, like remind people to stop running (but NOT run after them), make sure they’re not doing something stupid, try to be there every day and not have excuses not to be there.

TK: What is the role of Safety Patrol each day?

Jonah: There are two people at each post and we are at our posts from 3:20 to 3:30 or 3:35, depending on how busy it is. It’s our job to keep everyone safe and stop them from running or doing things that aren’t safe.

TK What is the most important thing you have learned by serving on Safety Patrol?

Jonah: Probably that it really is important not to run. Most safety patrols say, “Don’t run.” Instead, I say, “Walk” so that they can’t go fast. It’s really important because I’ve seen lots of people trip.

TK: Does Safety Patrol work in rain, snow, sleet or shine?

Jonah: Yes, pretty much. I’m stationed inside, so it doesn’t matter to me. But the bus shift people have a harder time. Unless the weather is extreme and TPS is out or the kids are moved inside for safety, the bus safety patrol and the ones on the playground (the lieutenants and captains only) are out there.