I’m a Tulsa Kid: Gentry Williams

When 8-year-old Gentry Williams crossed the finish line at the USA Track and Field Junior Olympic Championships in July 2012, he had no idea he had just broken his age group’s national record in the 400 meter run. Gentry’s time of 1:05:84 seconds broke the old record of 1:06:21 set a year ago. The Monte Cassino School third grader runs for the Oklahoma Jaguars Track Club and hopes to break more track and field records in the future.

TK: Do you have a favorite class or subject in school and do you participate in any other sports?

Gentry: I like to play sports, play outside and have fun. My favorite subject in school is math. I play football and basketball.

TK: When did you start running Track and Field?

Gentry: I started running in 2009.

TK: Do you train year around and do you participate in other track and field events?

Gentry: No, I do not train year around. But since I play different sports, that’s kind of like training for track. I also run the 200 and 800 meters.

TK: How did your coach and running with the Oklahoma Jaguars Track Club help you prepare for your races at the Junior Olympics?

Gentry: My coach pushed me until I couldn’t do anymore.

TK: When you broke the nation Sub Bantam record in the 400 meters, how did you feel?

Gentry: I felt amazing! When I first hit the curve, I felt like I could do this, when I hit the 200m mark, I said, “This is all I got!” When I was at the 50m mark, I gave it all I had.

TK: What are your goals for track and field this year?

Gentry: My goals are to train and to work hard so that I can beat another record.