I’m a Tulsa Kid: Abby Darden, Girl Scout

Girl Scout Abby Darden loves Thin Mint cookies. Each fall she and her fellow Monte Cassino 5th Grade Girl Scout Troop 596 go door-to-door selling Thin Mints and nine other delicious cookies. Selling cookies lets Abby get a taste of running her own business. She must convince a person to buy the cookies, take the order, deliver the order and handle the money. Through sales, Abby earns “Cookie Credit Money” that she can use in the Girl Scout Store. Outside of Girl Scouts and school, Abby is a gymnast and plays basketball.

TK: How long have you been involved in Girl Scouts?

Abby: I have been in Girl Scouts for six years now (since kindergarten). I got involved in it because my sister did it also and my mom was and still is the leader of the troop.

TK: How do Girl Scouts earn badges?

Abby: A Girl Scout can earn badges in many ways. Some ways are to help with your community, another is to make your own badge and one more way is that you get a badge for each year of Girl Scouts that you do.

TK: Does your troop participate in community service?

Abby: My troop is involved in many community services including Humane Society, Global Gardens, Ronald McDonald House, Blue Star Mothers and many more.

TK: How does being involved in Girl Scouts help you learn about working with others?

Abby: Girl Scouts helps me learn about working together because in a group for things to go well, you have to use each other for it to turn out well.

TK: Do you enjoy selling Girl Scout Cookies and what is your favorite cookie?

Abby: I do enjoy selling Girl Scout Cookies. I do because I can make a person’s day better, get my troop fun things, get a cookie credit money that you use to buy things at the Girl Scout Store and other things too. My favorite cookie is the Thin Mint. I like it because the Thin Mint is minty and chocolate-y at the same time.  Did you know that Thin Mints are the top-selling Girl Scout Cookie?