Hot Toys for Every Age

You can't go wrong wrapping any of these toys and tucking them under your tree.

I was in third grade when Cabbage Patch dolls were at the height of popularity. I remember well watching the news and seeing people fighting in the toy aisles, pushing and shoving for the last dolls. A mom from my elementary school bought extra and sold them out of the trunk of her car in the school parking lot. That’s where my mom got mine, a brown-haired girl with glasses I named Sally. It would be well over 30 years later that my mom once again came through on the hot toy of Christmas, only this time for her grandchildren. My mom got lucky last year when she went to Kiddlestix to buy a birthday present and saw the Hatchimals on a display table. She had never heard of them, but the woman behind the desk told her there were only five left in the store. Lucky for my mom, she has five grandchildren.

The hot toys for the holidays this year are lots of fun, with wheels and gears, magnets and music. You can’t go wrong wrapping any of these toys and tucking them under your tree.

Babies and Toddlers

Spinagain – Stack and sort and watch them spin. Then lift the corkscrew, let the disks spin and start over. Babies are mesmerized by the spinning action. $29.99 at Learning Express.

Smart Max My First Safari Animals – Easily click-together, extra-large, magnetic pieces to create safari animals. Helps young kids discover the magic of magnetism. $21.99 at Kiddlestix

Funtime Tractor – Gather your animals in the back of the farm tractor. Includes five animals that make sounds. Tractor moves on its own, plays a melody and makes engine and horn sounds. $29.99 at Learning Express


Coco Interactive Guitar – Recreate music from the movie “Coco,” with this interactive guitar with functioning strings and lights. It also comes with sheet music. $24.99 at Toys R Us

Star Diner Kitchen Set – A play kitchen with a dining set so kids can cook and then serve the play food to their guests in the built-in booth. $199.99 at Kiddlestix

Plasma Car – A fun ride-on toy for hours of fun. Hold the steering wheel and wiggle to get it going. This durable little car will last for years. $49.99 at Learning Express

Boogie Board Play N Trace – Trace pictures, words or 3D objects with the see-through writing surface. Artist’s palette shape is comfortable for little hands. Watch as the screen magically erases with the push of a button. $34.99 at Learning Express


Laser X – This two-player laser tag set can be played indoors or outdoors, day or night. Includes two laser blasters and two receiver vests. $49.99 at Learning Express

Lux Blox – These versatile construction blocks easily interlock for kids to create anything they can imagine, including things that move. The perfect STEM-stimulating toy. Ages 6 – adult. Toy Depot.

Fingerlings – This little pet can sit on kids’ fingers and go everywhere. Fingerlings respond to noise, motion and touch. Gigi the Unicorn is the newest member of the Fingerling family. $14.99 at Toys R Us

Ultraglow Air Power Soccer Disc – A cross between a soccer ball and air hockey. This disc floats on a cushion of air, hovering right above any smooth surface. Finally, you can let the kids play soccer in the house. $19.99 at Kiddlestix

Squishables – These big food-shaped pillows are fun for all ages. Toast, donut, taco, sushi, avocado and many more. Fun to collect and to pile on a bed. Also available in small backpack clips called Squishies. Big pillows range from $35 to $45 at Kiddlestix.


Sing Along Pro Karaoke Microphone – This Bluetooth microphone with built-in speaker will sync to your phone or iPad and is compatible with any karaoke app or YouTube. $39.99 at Learning Express

Lego Boost – Build, code and play with this interactive Lego set. Kids can build robots and then code what they would like them to do. The next level for Lego fans. $159.99 at Kiddlestix

Jellyfish Lamp – These jellyfish look so realistic in their tank with LED lights that change colors. Great as a nightlight. $24.99 or $99.99 at Learning Express

Sky Viper GPS Streaming Video Drone – The search for the ultimate drone ends here. Young drone pilots can have an immersive flight experience with this set that includes an adjustable wide-angle camera lens perfect for video streaming. Also includes a “return to home” button that summons the drone back to its launch point with the push of a button. $149.99 at Toys R Us

Scooter – This smooth-riding, durable scooter is perfect for elementary-age kids through teens, whether they’re gliding down the sidewalk or doing tricks at the skate park. $79 and up, find locally owned Decked Out Scooters at

Toy Safety Tips from Safe Kids (

Find the Perfect Toy for the Right Age

  1. Consider your child’s age and development when purchasing a toy or game. Read the instructions and warning labels to make sure it’s just right for your child.
  2. Before you’ve settled on the perfect toy, check to make sure there aren’t any small parts or other potential choking hazards.

Don’t Forget a Helmet for Riding Toys

  1. If your children have their hearts set on a new bike, skateboard, scooter or other riding equipment, be sure to include a CPSC certified helmet to keep them safe while they’re having fun.
  2. Learn more bike safety tips and watch our helmet safety video.

Store Toys After Play

  1. After play time is over, use a bin or container to store toys for next time. Make sure there are no holes or hinges that could catch little fingers.

Sign Up to Receive Product Recalls

  1. Safe Kids compiles product recalls specific to children and sends twice-monthly e-mail alerts for recent recalls. Sign-up for the latest recall information.
  2. Go to for additional information about product recalls related to kids.

Local toy-store owners have carefully chosen products, and staff that can answer questions about the toys. Look for the hot holiday toys in these Tulsa favorite toy shops:


3815 S. Harvard Ave.

Learning Express:

108th Street and South Memorial Drive

Tulsa Toy Depot:

10114 S. Sheridan Road

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