Home Isolation Puts Most Vulnerable Population in Greater Danger

From Child Abuse Network

Who:   Tulsa County children are at a greater risk of abuse when economic uncertainty, financial stress and school closures combine with mandatory isolation, which limits exposure to other adults who would normally report abuse.

What: Any act, or suspected act, of abuse – physical or sexual abuse as well as inadequate food, shelter or supervision – must be reported. More than half of all child abuse cases are reported by teachers who see and interact with these children almost daily. Without their daily presence, under-reporting could lead to fatalities. Additionally, homes with a history of domestic violence are at greater risk of child abuse. Calling the child abuse hotline allows those who may be in danger a chance to be seen.

When: Oklahoma is a mandatory report state meaning anyone who suspects child abuse is occurring, but does not report it is breaking the law.

Where: In Tulsa County, 1 in 15 kids will be involved in a child abuse investigation, that’s about two kids per classroom. Last year, there were 2,685 substantiated child abuse cases.

How:  Calling the Child Abuse Hotline, 800-522-3511, allows the appropriate authorities to open an investigation, gather facts and protect the child if they’re being harmed in any way. You DO NOT have to see an act of abuse to report it. If you suspect anything harmful to a child’s health and welfare is occurring, report it. For additional information about child abuse, community resources or how to get involved with the Child Abuse Network, visit www.childabusenetwork.org.

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