Great Pumpkin Carving Ideas

You’ve been to the pumpkin patch and picked out the perfect pumpkin. Now it’s time to carve in some pumpkin personality. You don’t have to be Martha Stewart (or her staff) to pull off a clever design. Before you gouge your gourd, take a look at some of my top pumpkin carving ideas. These faces aren’t too difficult for even beginners to try.

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This one is as simple and straightforward as you can get. It’s the pumpkin face that I started with when my kids were little because it’s fairly easy to do, and the smiling face isn’t scary.


Tweens or teens in your family might get a kick out of this braces-wearing pumpkin. A little tinfoil adds tons of personality to this simple design.


This guy is just silly, so he will appeal to the cartoon-lovers in your family. Again, not too difficult to pull off, but it makes a big, loveable impact.


This one has been shared so many times that I would say it has become a classic carving. There are many variations. Change up the eyes. Add a nose. I’ve seen some pumpkins vomiting their Halloween candy. Use your imagination.

a pumpkin carved to look like it's puking pumpkin seeds, for list of pumpkin carving ideas


Sometimes you find a pumpkin with such an unusual stem that you want to use it somehow. Try turning the pumpkin on its side to use the stem as a nose. The bigger and more twisted, the better.

a smiling pumpkin with a stem nose, for list of pumpkin carving ideas


This one was so funny, I just had to add it to my list.

a pumpkin carved to look like a woman delivering a baby, for list of pumpkin carving ideas


Adding a witch’s hat or other décor to your pumpkin can enhance its personality. Just be careful with fabric if you use a candle inside the pumpkin.

a jack o lantern wearing a witch's hat, for list of pumpkin carving ideas


Grouping several different-sized pumpkins with a variety of faces can create dramatic visual impact, even if the faces are super simple.

a group of carved pumpkins, for list of pumpkin carving ideas


You don’t have to carve at all. Get out some acrylic paint and brushes and let your family paint some silly or scary faces on their pumpkins.

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