Girl’s Night at Poppi’s Spa and Other Fun

I‘ve been sticking with my determination to relax more on the weekends pretty well. Of course, as we move closer to our Spotlight Children’s Theatre performance weekends (March 3-5 and 10-12), things will get a little hectic. This blog post is a little disjointed, but I wanted to let you know about some fun things happening this weekend, as well as some new-to-me places I’ve been lately.

February 18

This weekend, we’re looking forward to a free songwriting workshop with The Secret Agency at the Tulsa PAC. The workshop is for kids, but I’m hoping to listen in and get some songwriting tips, too! After the workshop, we will attend a show by The Secret Agency. Kids who participate in the workshop will have a chance to get up on stage with the musicians, but Joss sounded reluctant. So we will see. It looks like you may still be able to sign up for the workshop.

Before all that, we may check out the Pokémon Free Play event at Dragonslayer Games, if they’re having it. I may need to confirm details. We stopped by Dragonslayer Games last Saturday as things were wrapping up – in search of Pokémon cards, of course. A woman called us over to make sure we knew that kids were welcome every Saturday to play Pokémon around noon to 1. They even have a special kind of program for them. Plus, you get free Pokémon cards!

So yeah…that makes for a busy Saturday. But it should be fun!

Girl’s Night at Poppi’s Spa

In the spirit of relaxation, I had a long-overdue girl’s night a couple weekends ago. Why don’t I do this more often?! Oh yes, finances, needing childcare, etc. But it was so worth it! We ate dinner at In the Raw Vū in the Tulsa Arts District. The bartender mixed up a tasty, gingery mocktail. I wish I’d asked what was in it!

Img 5861

After that, we went to Poppi’s Spa. You can get a lounge pass for $30. The lounge includes a salt therapy room, color pod and infra-red sauna. There is also an actual lounge full of comfy seating, and a bar where you can order tea, etc.

salt therapy room at poppi's spa

I don’t think I’ve ever been to a spa! I didn’t know what to expect. The website just said to wear comfortable clothes, so that’s more or less what I did. (Also wanted to dress up for dinner). But when we got there, they took us to a locker/changing room and handed us robes and flip flops. So it was more of a spa experience than I was expecting, but all the nicer for that.

the lounge at poppi's spa

In addition to the lounge access, you can purchase add-ons. We went for the citrus foot soak, which was heavenly. Other options include a DIY facial, DIY body scrub, soothing eye patches and an aromatherapy shower.

I definitely want to go back! Learn more about Poppi’s in Jen Kerchkoff’s blog post at

Pop-Up Manicure

This isn’t an on-going opportunity, but Downtown Tulsa Partnership, the downtown YMCA and Clary Sage Partnership recently partnered to offer free manicures and pedicures. I’d only ever gotten one manicure in my life, so this seemed like a good opportunity to double my number of manicures!

Img 5991

It was such a nice way to spend a lunch break. Chatting, hand massages, even some free snacks! Follow Downtown Tulsa on social media because, whether they bring this event back or not in the future, they’ll definitely be planning something fun.

Speaking of which, they’re currently accepting submissions for the second installment of Curbside Haiku. Submit a haiku reflecting downtown Tulsa’s vibrancy and diversity by March 1. If yours is selected, it will be displayed around downtown! Mine was selected last year, which was a very cool experience.

Country Bird Bakery

I’m not sure you could call Country Bird Bakery a best-kept secret, as the secret seems to be out. But if you want some incredible baked goods on a Saturday morning, it’s worth the wait in line. They’re only open on Saturdays at this point, but offer frequent workshops as well.

Img 5852

Country Bird Bakery is near the corner of 3rd and Utica. According to their website, “Our mission is storytelling through baked goods. We aim to connect the land, farmers, millers, and bakers with the community in a creative, fun, and unexpected way.” New flavor combinations make me so happy. You can go week after week, and there will always be something new to try! I tried the babka knot last weekend, while Joss had a slice of coffee cake. And they have gluten free options as well!

Img 5854

Coincidentally, after we went to Country Bird Bakery a couple weekends ago, my aunt offered to take Joss and I to lunch at Oakhart Barbecue, which is located in the same building. So I was like, “I know where that is! We were just there this morning!” And it was delicious. I kept waiting for the brisket to feel too fatty, but it was absolutely perfect.

Poké-Party Prep

This isn’t a new place, but in other news, I’ve been decorating for Joss’s upcoming Pokémon party. So now our living room is full of colorful Pokémon paintings, ha. Another nice, relaxing past time that is somewhat productive. If you’re looking for a nice, stay-home activity/new hobby, I highly recommend some decent watercolor paper and a set of watercolors.

Img 5929

Img 5927

Thanks to Joss for drawing me this wonderful Ditto disguised as Voltorb

Have you visited any new businesses or tried something new lately? Have a favorite place to go for girl’s night? Tell me about it in the comments!

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