This Past Week Wasn’t Weak At All

Exploring downtown Tulsa and supporting the YMCA

This past week has been such a fun week. Please reach out to me and let me know how you are doing and what you are up to. I honestly want to know. And if I can help in any way. I was in radio for the past 16 years here in Tulsa, and one of the most gratifying aspects of the job was getting to know my fans. I was always an open book on the radio, which I will also be here with you every week. So, email me anytime:

Reading Partners

Reading Partners is an organization I volunteer with on a weekly basis. I have an awesome 1st grader that I read to and help her understand letter sounds. Last week it was the letter: H. Like Hhhhherrrrrrrnandez! Lol, no, I didn’t make her say it like that, but only because I just thought of it.

Anyway, it’s a much-needed service and very rewarding to you if you can help, especially after this pandemic has hindered kids’ reading advancement. They sure could use your help!

Tulsa Rocks Update

The next night, Friday night, I took my show on the road to Lennie’s on 51st & Harvard. I had not met the singer of 5th Element, Christi Roberts King, but she was so delightful. You can see our interview with her in the video below. Can you tell me who her grandfather is? Hint: Praying Hands. She talks about her famous grandfather and how great the music scene is here in Tulsa vs Nashville where she lived for a spell.

Also, a great interview with my co-host, Chris Kennedy, and Jamin O’Donnell, the lead singer of a new band in Tulsa called The Machine. He talks about what it’s like for a band to hear their name said on the big rock radio station in town, which is what I did for him and his band.

I also talked to the owner of Lennie’s, Jeff Bray and his wife, Soncha Dowding, about what’s it’s like to try and survive as a small business owner during a pandemic.

Check out the interview here: 

Exploring Downtown Tulsa

The rest of the weekend was filled with house chores, picking up trash with the City of Tulsa, church at Life.Church in Catoosa, and a lot of fun in downtown Tulsa, including milkshakes at Shuffles: Board Game Café, chocolate at Glacier, a quick peek inside the Woody Guthrie Center, and fun Bird electric scooter rides. 

While inside Glacier, I met a production crew member working on the Martin Scorcese film “Killers of the Flower Moon,” starring Robert Di Nero, Leonardo DiCaprio. This man said the film had booked up three entire hotels in Bartlesville. He told me he was an electrician for the production but was also a licensed “stunt man.” He said Tulsa should be very proud because the production crew has had a great time so far, despite the pandemic setback. He said everyone in Oklahoma has been very kind, accommodating, and professional for the crew, who are primarily from Los Angeles. And he said Glacier had the best chocolates!

Here are pictures and videos:

Oh! What a beautiful day downtown Tulsa. Perfect day for Connect Four with my son.

Image 1


Inside Shuffles: Board Game Cafe:

Leon Russell Painting

YMCA Tulsa Needs You!

The non-profit I chose to partner with is YMCA Tulsa. They are happy to announce they will have summer camps and swim lessons. And they need to hire summertime help! Here is their website for more information and an interview I did with Kyle Wilkes, vice president of mission advancement.  


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