Dorm Room Checklist

Since your parents went to college in the dark ages, and every retailer out there tells you that a dorm room MUST have essentials such as matching bedding, wait…make that matching EVERYTHING…, you may feel a little confused as to what to take to college.

First, check with the college you’re attending and see what their rules are.

They may ban toaster ovens or other electronic devices that could potentially burn down the dorm.

Find out exactly what the college provides and does not provide. Will you really need to bring a trashcan to match your bedding ensemble?

Next, check with your roommate. If you can sort out which of you is bringing the dorm-sized refrigerator and which of you is bringing the iron and ironing board, then you’ve saved yourself some money and gained some space in the room.

Dorm Room Checklist

Here are a few things you should consider:

    1. Wireless-enabled laptop. Most colleges are completely wireless now. While computers are always available on campuses, ask how many students bring their own.
    2. Flash drive. If you have one of these to carry around data, you might avoid the need for a printer.
    3. Bed linens/towels. You may want to include an area rug, too, since most dorm rooms are not carpeted.
    4. Alarm clock. Goes without saying….many students may choose to use their smartphone.
    5. Hangers and laundry bag. You may want these when your mom comes to visit.
    6. Mini-fridge and microwave oven. You’ll have to check to make sure these are allowed. Did you know that there is such an appliance as a refrigerator/microwave?
    7. Supply of vitamins and medicine for the semester.
    8. TV and tunes. Again, coordinate with your roommate.
    9. Headphones. Remember, you have a roommate. Whatever the electronic device (TV, computer, iPhone) you’re using, don’t drive your roommate crazy.
    10. Toiletries, roll of quarters for the laundry, laundry soap. It’s easier to buy these when you arrive on campus, but parents are usually happy to take you to the nearest discount store.
    11. Duct tape. You can fix a lot of things with this. An admissions counselor at one of the colleges my daughter visited said that he was duct-taped to a wall his freshman year. It’s so versatile!
    12. Dorm Stuff. Do you need a mirror? Something to haul toiletries in? Shower caddy? What about those extra-long dorm sheets? You also might want some kind of plastic box to store things under the bed, and a metal lock-box to keep valuables safe.


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