Cool Treats for Hot Summer Days

When the temperature hits the 90s, a popsicle hits the spot!

With rising summer temperatures this week, these are days that call for a special cool treat to refresh ourselves. It may only provide a temporary respite from the heat, but when we’re pushing mid-90s, I’ll take it! When I told Callister our assignment for this week’s blog, he was all too happy to go with me to review five favorite Tulsa spots for cold treats.

Jamba Juice

We both love Jamba Juice and go year-round. There are several locations in Tulsa, and we’re lucky that one is right between my grandchild’s house and mine! I had been buying Callister the kid size, but since he turned two, the kid size isn’t quite big enough. I now get him the small size or he’ll want to drink part of mine, and as much as I love this kid, Jamba Juice is too delicious to share. His favorite is the peanut butter moo’d, and I almost always get the Aloha Pineapple. There are healthy and not-so-healthy versions of Jamba Juice, and some are dairy free.

We both love Jamba Juice!

Josh’s Sno Shack

This is a summer tradition in Tulsa, a must-do! I can’t even begin to list all the flavors: so many to choose from! On a hot summer day, nothing hits the spot quite like a cup full of shaved ice with delicious flavored syrups drizzled on top. I won’t pretend it’s healthy, but it’s a good choice for people who try to avoid dairy.

My only complaint is the one we visit at 53rd and Harvard has no shade, so the ice melts faster than we can eat it. The location at 91st and Delaware has a table with a big umbrella and some trees, so that may be a better location choice on hot days. Check here for the location, menu, and hours of the Josh’s Sno Shack closest to you.

Callister takes on a Josh’s Sno cup with a serious two-handed approach!


Another great reason we’re lucky to live in Tulsa: Braum’s country! This is my husband’s favorite sweet, cold treat, and he’s been happy to introduce the joy of Braum’s ice cream to his grandson. We’ve limited his choices so far because it’s a little overwhelming to see so many flavors. He’s had the basics: vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate and loved them all! In addition to ice cream and frozen yogurt, you can’t go wrong with a cold cherry lime-aid on a hot day. There are many locations in the Tulsa area so you’re sure to have one close.

That’s one way to eat ice cream but probably only acceptable if you’re two years old.

Mother Road Market

Mother Road Market is one of favorite places to go eat when we have our grandson. There are so many choices, even the pickiest eater will find something delicious. If you’re searching for a cold treat on a hot day, they have that also.

Big Dipper Creamery is located within Mother Road Market and has lots of adventurous choices! The ice cream is made locally in small batches. Callister had a one-dip hot fudge sundae, and although he did seem to love it, it was too much for one child. It should probably be a shared item. My daughter had one dip of peanut butter ice cream on a cone, and although I’m not an ice cream person, I took a bite and it was delicious! We were able to sit on a comfortable couch on the shady back patio while Callister played. The bonus was getting to see a train go by; Callister was beyond excited!

It was delicious but too much for a two-year-old!

Sweets and Cream

There are so many things I love about this place, where do I begin? I kept hearing about Sweets and Cream, but it’s not exactly in my neck of the woods, so I didn’t make it there until just a few days ago. We loved everything about it! Easy, free parking, cute ambience with a Tulsa-themed mural on the wall, very reasonable prices, yummy treats, and friendly staff.

Callister and my husband both chose to get the $1.99 cookie ice cream sandwiches. There are lots of flavors of ice cream and cookies from which to choose to create your own combination. Callister had one strawberry cookie and one chocolate cookie with chocolate chip ice cream in the middle. It was a generous size, so I helped him out a little.

It was so delicious, but I think what I like best about Sweets and Cream is their innovative community giving program. All of the tips collected are given to the local charity of the month! July was The Coffee Bunker; some of the past recipients have been New Leaf, Meals on Wheels, The Equality Center, and Tulsa SPCA. Hours at Sweet and Cream are limited, so please check their website or Facebook page to make sure it’s open before you go!

Look at this delicious ice cream sandwich!

There are other great choices in Tulsa, this is by no means an exhaustive list. I had to draw a limit because of time constraints and honestly, I don’t want my grandson to think every day is an occasion for a sweet, cold treat. I encourage you to explore Tulsa and all its wonderful restaurants. I would love to hear about your favorite spot to get a cold treat! Stay cool!

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