Beating the January Blahs:

January Holidays You May Not Know

January can be a downright challenging month. It’s cold, the days are short, it’s still a prime season for colds, flu, etc. And of course, the flurry of November/December holiday activities and anticipation is behind us. While some of us may get downright giddy to see snow in the forecast, others (me) basically equate snow with hazardous driving conditions. AKA not something to look forward to. The possibility of icy roads kind of puts me on edge all winter.

So I thought it’d be fun to look up some of the random holidays one could celebrate in January and to brainstorm some ways to do so. We’ve already passed National Science Fiction Day (Jan. 2) and JRR Tolkien Day (Jan. 3), but there are plenty of other opportunities for random festivities.

By the way, I found all these holidays here. There are a good deal more than the ones listed below, so feel free to check out the full list!

January 15: National Hat Day

Wear a hat! Don’t worry about whether or not you’re “pulling it off.” If you like it, go for it! I personally wear beanies DAILY in the winter…so maybe I should celebrate by dusting off my top hat.

Joss can always rock his Pikachu hat!

January 18: National Winnie the Pooh Day

Oh, bother! Read “Winnie the Pooh” to your kids, or watch a “Winnie the Pooh” movie! Pair your movie night with honey-flavored teddy grahams or honey sticks, or make a honey cake together! Do a Winnie “bound”–dress in a red shirt and yellow pants/skirt. Or have everyone in the family pick out a different character and dress in colors inspired by that character!

January 20: National Cheese Lover’s Day

Buy some cheeses you’ve never tried before and have a cheese + crackers tasting party! While specialty cheese can be pricey, Reasor’s and Whole Foods often have sample sizes available. Talk with your kids about the different flavors, textures and origins and which they enjoyed the most/least. Need help getting started? Here’s a Cheese Guide from Better Homes & Gardens.

January 21: Museum Selfie Day

I actually celebrated this a couple years ago, shortly after Philbrook acquired their Kehinde Wiley painting. In the past, Philbrook has offered free admission if you take a museum selfie, so follow them on Facebook for updates (at the time I wrote this, they didn’t have an event posted). In any case, go to your favorite museum on January 21 and take a selfie with your favorite photo! Let your kids participate, too! Feel free to tag @tulsakids on Instagram, and we’ll try to share it to our Insta story!

January 21: National Squirrel Appreciation Day

Well, I had to include this one! Maybe I’ll wear my Squirrel Girl costume and finally go take a selfie with the giant squirrel mural on the side of Bill & Ruth’s on 15th St. Other suggestions include watching Squirrel Girl’s adventure’s in Marvel Rising (one of the reasons I’m grateful for Disney+!) or checking out a Squirrel Girl comic or a book in Shannon Hale’s Squirrel Girl series from the library (If they have them…need to check!)

January 23: National Pie Day

Aren’t you glad there’s both a National Pie Day and a National Pi Day?! Two excuses to EAT MORE PIE! Go to Village Inn for a cheaper slice head to Antoinette Baking Co. for more gourmet options. Better yet, make your favorite pie or try a new pie recipe with your kids! This list of “22 Best Pie Recipes” from Food and Wine looks like a great place to start. Also, I made this lemon pie and strawberry pie for a friend’s birthday this past weekend. If you buy the crusts, each of these can be mixed up in 5-10 minutes, plus baking time. Easy as pie! (And delicious, too!)

Research the history of pie–maybe try making an older recipe! How about chicken pot pie for dinner?

January 28: National Lego Day

I’m not going to suggest running out to purchase a new Lego set (although you could!). Instead, set aside time to build with your kid! Playing with Legos is one of those activities that you’re probably never going to be too old for. Watch one of the Lego movies. Make Lego Rice Krispies Treats by mixing up your favorite Rice Krispies recipe, cutting it into small-ish rectangles, icing the rectangles in the Lego-inspired colors of your choice, and topping them with color-coordinating M&Ms. (Find a recipe here)

January 31: National Fun at Work Day

When you have a “dark unicorn poncho,” it’s always Fun at Work Day!

Ooh, the possibilities are endless! And yet you’d need to strike a balance between having extra fun and not getting too distracted 🙂 Dress up, surprise your co-workers with a random gift, serenade the office, decorate the break room…

And Most Importantly…

While this DOES NOT fall under the category of “random holidays,” but I would be remiss not to include a reminder that January 20 is Martin Luther King, Jr., Day. Celebrate King’s legacy by watching the 41st Annual MLK Day Parade in downtown Tulsa. This year’s theme is “2020 Vision: The Dream Seen Clearly.” I’ve gone the past two years, and though it has typically been extra-cold that day, it is always a moving and inspiring event. Just make sure you bundle up, bring a blanket and maybe stop by a Tulsa Arts District coffee shop on your way to watch.

Finally, if you or your child is finding January/February particularly difficult, check out this TulsaKids article, “Beating the Winter Blues.” As writer Julie Wenger Watson says, “For parents and kids alike, the shortest month of the year can mean short tempers, short attention spans and a shortage of endorphins.”

Experts interviewed recommended healthier diets, exercise and getting outdoors as some simple, practical ways to start feeling better during these cold months. The article also provides advice for “how [to] distinguish between a case of the winter blahs and something more serious.”

What are some things you’re looking forward to doing in January? Any other “holidays” you’re planning to celebrate? What do you do to “beat the winter blues”? Let me know in the comments!

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