Baby Jam! Music, Movement, Learning, and Fun with Hot Toast!

Baby Jam 1

Sylvia is getting ready for Baby Jam with Hot Toast!

If you’re looking for a fun activity to attend with your baby or toddler, Baby Jam is for you! I’m always on the lookout for activities for my 14-month-old granddaughter and usually check the TulsaKids calendar to see what’s going on in Tulsa every day. Baby Jam is a weekly event put on by Hot Toast and held at Mother Road Market. If you’re not familiar with Hot Toast, check out their Facebook page here. To sum it up, Hot Toast is a musical celebrity among the younger set, and Baby Jam is the perfect opportunity to introduce your little ones to their music!

Hot Toast Music Company is the creation of Symon Hajjar. Mr. Symon, as his young fans call him, is an educator, a dad, and a musician. He writes and sings unique kids’ music with the target audience between babies and six-year olds. His music is fun, often educational, emotionally intelligent, and so catchy I find myself singing the songs even when my grandkids aren’t around! Some songs are silly, like my grandson’s favorite – “The Beard Song.” Others are educational, like “Blue, Yellow, Red,” which teaches about primary and secondary colors in a fun way. Then there is one of my favorites, which is “Breath In, Breathe Out,” which is soft and calming. All of the songs have a purpose but are delivered in a way you don’t feel like you’re being taught. Instead, you just love the music!

Baby Jam 2

Symon with Sylvia and me. She looks a bit starstruck!

An interactive music experience, Baby Jam is held every Wednesday at 11:30 AM at Mother Road Market. It is in the heated, enclosed patio where kids can feel free to run around a little in a safe place. According to the Hot Toast website, “Hot Toast Music classes foster curiosity, social skills, language acquisition, self-discovery, and a sense of connectedness.” Mr. Symon encourages kids to dance, play the instruments he provides, or do whatever they’re comfortable doing. He understands kids and respects their space and individual needs, never forcing but gently encouraging.

We have attended several of the bigger concerts Hot Toast has had at Cabin Boys Brewery, and while those were fun, I think maybe they were a little overwhelming for our young granddaughter. She seemed much more comfortable with the quieter atmosphere of Baby Jam. Sylvia’s personality seems to be that she enjoys observing quietly from a distance before she commits to getting involved. Smart girl. I think she will get more comfortable the more often we go. There were about ten kids there, ranging from babies up to pre-school-aged. We were spread out, so it felt very “Covid-safe.”

I think we might have been the only grandparents there, but it’s a perfect activity for grandparents to do with grandkids. I’m having some knee problems right now, so I can’t do much running after them at the park. We parked close, and I got to sit and rest my knee while she listened. After the music, we went back into Mother Road Market and enjoyed lunch. There are so many delicious food choices; it’s hard to decide! Sylvia decided on a lunch of French fries dipped in ketchup, lots of ketchup! The entire experience made for an enjoyable outing.

Baby Jam 3

What did she have for lunch at Mother Road Market? Ketchup, mostly ketchup with a side of fries!

If you decide to go to Baby Jam, please go to the Hot Toast Facebook page and let them know you are coming. Mr. Symon likes to be prepared with the correct supplies depending on what his program includes each time. There is a 15-dollar charge for each child, but he is willing to work with people if the fee is a hardship. He never wants the cost to be a barrier to attending. Happy music-making, instrument-playing, and dancing! Sylvia and I hope to see you there!

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