9 Ways to Wear Your Baby this Halloween

My Instagram feed right now is brimming with baby-wearing mamas and papas dressed up in cleverly coordinated costumery. Truth be told, I was never really on my Halloween game during those baby-wearing years. We were usually lucky enough to get out of the house in a last-minute tutu or a milk-stained set of skeleton jammies. But I’ve always fantasized about being one of those families that dress up as one gloriously well-thought-out unit for Halloween. The Incredibles. Harry Potter. The Golden Girls. I lack the foresight, though, to make it happen. It’s not really a secret that Halloween falls on the same date every year, but I consistently seem to have a freak-out moment about a week before the 31st. That week is long enough to schlep something together costume-wise, but not quite long enough to whip up anything ground-breaking. Of course, my little ones always seem to look intentionally adorable in their costumes, but that might be because they are just so darn cute to begin with! (Hrm…is my bias showing?)

I’ve decided to be okay with my motherly mediocrity and accept that I am not the most visionary when it comes to family Halloween costumes. But that’s why there’s social media to scratch that spooky itch. (Sorry, ew.) So enough with the uncomfortable metaphors! Here are my favorite baby-wearing Halloween costumes on Instagram this year!

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