5 Ways to Save Money When You Have No Time

1. Check Prices:

Don’t just grab the first thing you see. Look at other brands even generic and calculate the best deal right there on the spot. Do keep in mind, local grocery stores have sales on name brand items that can sometimes beat generic prices.

2. Shop the ads: 

Grab your ads for the week and take them to Walmart or Target for price matching or simply shop from the ads themselves wherever you are at. The front page of the ad holds most of the store’s Loss Leaders, that means the store is taking the loss for those items to get you to come into the store. Shop around those big Loss Leaders and save money instantly.

3. Pick the best store:

Don’t just run out the door to the nearest ’supercenter.’ If you only have time for one store, make sure it is the best store for deals that week. You can figure that one out easily by visiting our Coupon Matchup page.

4. Be very flexible:

When you are in the store, keep an open mind about dinner plans. Walk around and check out manager’s specials or sales you didn’t notice then make your menu accordingly. You can do this without ever looking at an ad, simply put on your walking shoes and investigate.

Remember, a weekly circular only has room for about 100 or so items, many stores can have thousands of items for sale during any given week.

5. Leave the kids with grandma: 

Bringing the kids means you probably won’t get a chance to really check out prices. It can also mean a truckload of impulse purchases like fruit snacks, chips and juice boxes that you may not have really needed to purchase. By dropping them off with grandma before you shop, your chances of saving money increase dramatically-at least that’s true for me!

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