5 Ways to Eat Healthy & Save Money

Let me start by saying this, if you think the only way you can save money is by clipping coupons then, you’re missing out on a lot of great deals. If that is your only method of savings then you’ve likely also limited yourself to the coupons you see in the newspaper for processed foods and other junk. Today, I’m going to ask that you put those perspectives aside and take a step back when it comes to saving money so you can see all the amazing methods available and all the good foods you can purchase for your family.

5 Ways to Eat Healthy & Save Money

1. Buy in Season: 

Fruits and veggies are at their cheapest when they are in season. Stockpile them at low, low prices then simply freeze them to enjoy them all year long. There is no reason to pay $5 for a carton of strawberries in December. Skip the bacon sale and stock up on strawberries when their only $1.50 or less in the Summer.

2. Shop ALDI:

I’m all for the farmers markets if you can afford that but if you can’t, shop ALDI and buy produce at crazy low prices. Fruits and veggies are good for you and if you can’t buy them local and organic that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t buy them at all. This week, I stocked up on blackberries for $1.16 a carton, that’s crazy cheap!

3. Shop around the Sales:

Something is always on sale every single week, plan your menu around those sales and you’ll save big even without coupons! Plus, you’ll add a little creativity to your menu each week and try new things. Can’t beat that!

4. Join a Produce CoOp: 

Google around and search for a produce CoOp in your local town, you’ll likely find one. The one I use cost $10 to join and every month, I can buy as much produce as I’d like (local and organic) for about $15 a basket. Plus, they have really cool add-ons too. This week, I added on an entire case of mangos for only $5!

5. Find Case Discounts & Coupons:

Did you know many stores like Whole Foods will give you a case discount? That means, if you buy a case worth of nearly anything in the store, you’ll get an extra 10% off. So, wait until your products are on sale then buy a case! Double the savings! Need coupons? Call the manufacturers directly, they’ll usually mail you coupons and yes, they do exist for both meat and produce. All you have to do is call customer service and ask.

It is possible to eat healthy and save money! Try out these tips and share your own too!

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