When Day Camp is the Perfect Fit

There can be any number of reasons that an overnight camp experience is not right for your child. Parents must take into account cost, readiness of the child, other summer activities and any number of individual reasons that a child should or should not attend overnight camp. However, that doesn’t mean a child must forego the many positive perks of camp!

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The American Camp Association (ACA) suggests that parents send a child to day camp if:

  • a child is not ready for overnights away from home
  • you don’t want your child to miss out on a visit from a grandparent or other person important to your family
  • there is a great day camp you’ve been wanting to try near your home
  • your child’s favorite school year activity, such as a ballet school or soccer club, is having a summer camp with expanded activities

The ACA also says that at day camp, your child may benefit by:

  • making new friends
  • learning a new skill
  • enjoying positive role models
  • helping others
  • honing a current skill or interest

The ACA suggests asking the following questions of day camp directors:

  • Is the camp accredited by the American Camp Association?
  • What training does the staff receive?
  • Is transportation available?
  • What about extended care before and after camp?
  • Will the camp provide lunch?
  • Are campers grouped by age, activity, or both?
  • Does the price include the full range of activities?
  • Are parent visits encouraged?

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