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Hardesty Regional Library

I hadn’t originally intended on doing two posts about libraries this week, but that’s just the way the cookie crumbled! Last week, we had a regular stop in, keeping minds busy between school and dinner (and taking back some seriously overdue books), and then earlier this week we attended the Stuffed-Animal Sleepover which was oh so much fun!

Hardesty Regional Library is a beautiful facility. The entryway is grand and inviting, with a clever sailboat sculpture that just reminds me of adventure and imagination.

We always seem to make friends at the library too. Don’t you find that when visiting kids museums and educational places with your family? It’s like listening to NPR to me; I just feel smarter when listening and know I’m doing something good for myself. In the same way, I know I can’t go wrong by my kiddos by taking them to the library, and the people we find there are usually like-minded, friendly, stimulating and inspiring. Just after I snapped the pic above of just the boys, a sweet woman approached me and excitedly asked if she could take a picture of the three of us together. “Sure!” I told her.

Turns out, she was the activity director at a school for 35 years before retiring this past year. We gabbed for a few moments before the littles started getting antsy and wanting to get inside.

Aidan is all about proving how un-scared he is these days (as he made sure to share in the latest Conversations in the Car), and proved it by finding a book all about the truth and science behind scary things like the Headless Horseman and Frankenstein. It’s actually a pretty interesting book. I think Grandpa Roger would be proud!

I almost melted when Alec went to pick up a copy of Ranger Rick; I was a faithful subscriber as a kid. This moment just took me right back!

I decided it was about time for these little boys to get their own library cards. Their accounts are tied to mine, but this way, they get to feel some ownership about the books and DVDs THEY want to check out. So I filled out the information, and Alec went to turn it in to the librarian.

They signed their names. Aidan did very well; I had to help Alec a bit.

What’s the first thing they want to do when they have their fresh and new library cards? Yup, get on the computer. Go figure! That’s fine by me though. We only have laptops at our place, and it’s tricky for their little fingers to maneuver the touch mouse. We have one we can plug in, but if I’m honest I’m always a little annoyed when they want to get on my computer. I’m usually in the middle of something, can’t find that blasted mouse to plug in, or just don’t have the patience at that very moment to help them when they can’t figure out a game or accidentally click off the screen they mean to be on. This way, they can both play at the same time and they have HEADPHONES! I can grab myself a book, sit nearby (in the peace and quiet) to help when they need me, and let them play away on Disney JR. Brilliant! Thanks, Library for offering computers for our littles! We heart you!

Hardesty has a gorgeous storytime area, which looks like a huge tree. The artwork is so imaginative and storytime is no different. I used to take the boys to pre-school story time when they were younger and they loved it.

We couldn’t stay too long on this visit, so we wrapped up a couple of computer games, checked out our books and DVDs (which I’m a huge fan of. Free rentals, and late fees are astronomically less than renting elsewhere), and headed out. The kids always get a kick out of this statue, always want to know what he’s reading (I know, but I’ll let you visit to find out!), and always want a picture with him.

I noticed this ad below before we left, and thought it would be so much fun for my stepson. Carter is an incredible artist, and often writes and illustrates his own comics. This would be the perfect event for him. If you know any teens who are interested in martial arts, Anime, Asian culture, Comics or art, tell them about Anime Minicon. He won’t be with us that weekend but I’ll be sure to tell him about it!

Something else Hardesty Library boasts is Connor’s Cove Children’s Theater. They host FREE interactive performances for children and teens and the reviews are amazing. We have yet to attend an event here, but it is on the list for sure, and I can’t wait to share it with you!

See you around town!



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