WaterWorks Art Center

This past Saturday, while I fixed breakfast for the kiddos, I had the news on the TV as usual. I was super excited when I heard them talking about the entries for a gingerbread house competition on display at WaterWorks Art Center. I already had a couple of other things I wanted to do with the kids that day, and figured we’d swing by and see them while we were out and about!

WaterWorks Art Center is a super cool facility that’s part of Tulsa Parks and Recreation. It was the original water treatment plant for the City of Tulsa, then was renovated into the city’s first municipal swimming pool in the 1940’s (there are some really fun pictures of patrons swimming framed inside the building). Since then it has undergone a series of renovations that have transformed it into an arts center for classes and other public events.

Once inside, we quickly found the room with the candy and sugar laden pieces of art! And believe me, I received a LOT of questions about whether or not they could eat them. Thankfully, there were wrapped pieces of candy decorating the tables. I did let them each pick one, assuming they were there for the taking. I hope I was right, or we’re in trouble now!

I was really impressed with the way each of the kids took their time studying each piece of artwork, reading who had submitted the house, and talking about the inspiration for the piece. Carter’s favorite gingerbread house was inspired by the house in the movie Edward Scissorhands!

Aidan and Corrinne got a kick out of the Smurf house,

and Alec and I really loved the London Bridge.

After getting some inspiration from the gingerbread house masterpieces, we had the opportunity to talk to Kenneth. He works in the office at WaterWorks and is also one of the instructors for some of the art classes held there.

He’s teaching a class that starts in April Called “Castles and Dragons,” which is a sculpting class. It will be PERFECT for Carter and Corrine, who both love working with clay. We’re hoping to get them into it!

WaterWorks has some great Winter Break, Spring and Summer Break art classes for the whole family. Visit this page, and scroll down to Class Schedule to view upcoming sessions. Then, just click on enrollment form or give them a call at (918) 596-2440 for more information!

Another fun idea is a birthday party. WaterWorks allows birthday parties for up to 20 children, which includes a one hour slot for art project time, then thirty minutes for cake and presents. The cost includes supplies. What a creative alternative to pizza parties!

I hope you’ll check this place out – we can’t wait to visit again!


See you around town!

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