The 5 Things That Kept Your Child Awake Last Night:

Sleep Tips from The World Association of Sleep Medicine

One of the perks of my job is getting to go to informational events under the guise of a professional. For example, this morning I went out to Jenks and listened to Tara Hess speak about “The 5 Things That Kept Your Child Awake Last Night.” Tara is a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach and Happiest Baby on the Block Educator. She was speaking to a group of moms who either have children with sleep problems or who are staying ahead of the game by learning different sleep techniques to teach their babies.

I took a lot from the presentation. Here are a couple of things Tara said that I didn’t want to forget…

  • You have boundaries during the day, those can’t stop at night.
  • Never have a nap before noon, if your child is down to one nap a day.
  • Don’t start sleep training until about 6-months-old.
  • The sleep cycle is 45-50 minutes.
  • Caffeine stays in your child’s system 8-10 hours. So even if you give your child chocolate at noon, the caffeine is still in there that night.

Also, she had handouts with some great information…

Top 10 Sleep Tips From The World Association of Sleep Medicine

  • Make sure your child gets enough sleep (see above average sleep needs chart)
  • Set consistent bedtime and wake-up times on weekdays and weekends.
  • Children need comfortable pajamas and strong, absorbing diapers
  • Avoid bright lights during the night
  • Always encourage your child to fall asleep alone
  • Keep all electronic distractions out of the bedroom
  • Maintain a consistent daily schedule
  • Establish a nap schedule if it’s age appropriate.
  • Make sure your children get plenty of outdoor exercise
  • Eliminate all caffeine.

For more information from Tara, you can go to or follow her on Facebook.

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