Spook-A-Rama at the Bartlesville Kiddie Park

My children and I took the short (1 hour) drive to Bartlesville on Thursday evening ready to tackle the Kiddie Park. Although I’ve heard from multiple, trusted sources (moms) that it’s a must-do, I’ve just never felt strongly enough to get there. What was wrong with me!? It absolutely is a must-do.

I took a tip from one of those trusted sources and went early enough to grab dinner at Frank and Lola’s – this is where the magical night began. First, the place has a great atmosphere. You get the vibe, possibly from the full bar and Paul Benjamin Band flyers on the wall, that it turns into a very fun, hip grown-up spot when the sun goes down (mental note to return sans kids). But, it’s quite kid-friendly at 5 p.m. So much so that the kids eat free with the purchase of a drink. It’s the usual – hamburgers, mac and cheese, pb & j. After much inner-angst, I went with the patty melt and I can’t stop thinking about it. But I also have some regret that I didn’t get the pork green chile. These are my inner-thoughts. I’m serious.


A short, I mean like 2 blocks, drive later we pulled into the park. I immediately knew this was going to be everything. And it was. The only way I can describe it (other than the photos below) is by the part in Steel Magnolias where they’re all at the county fair. You know the one? It’s small town, quaint perfection.

Here are my tips for you:

  • Get there when it opens at 6 p.m. It got crowded as the night went on and the lines got a little long for my sugar-loaded littles.
  • Take cash. But not a ton. I literally spent $10 the whole visit. We didn’t get any food, but that was all I needed for two hours worth or rides.
  • The Kiddie Park is just that and my 5-year-old was borderline aging out. He was actually too tall for a couple of the rides. Which was ok because it made him feel super big. Those bananas are paying off. Wink. Wink. It’s absolutely perfect for a 3 year-old, though.
  • Wear your costume. Yes, even you!

The breakdown:

  • Dates: Thursday, October 15 – Saturday, October 17; 6-10 p.m. The Kiddie Park’s hours are somewhat elusive. It seems to be a labor of love with a lot of volunteering involved. So, this will be the last time they’re open until May 2016.
  • Address: 201 S Cherokee Ave. Map Quest will get you there.


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