River Country Water Park and My Crazy Kids

It’s beginning to set in that Summer Vacation is over. Even though here in Oklahoma the temperature is finally starting to FEEL like Summer, the kids are back in school and the pools are officially closed. We had all kinds of fun swimming this summer, including neighborhood pools, friends’ pools, the sprinkler and kiddie pool in the backyard, and even a day at the water park.

Though it’s closed for the season now, I still wanted to share with you our super fun day at the River Country Water Park in Muskogee. It’s a little bit of a drive from Tulsa, but makes for a fun day trip and admission to the park is extremely reasonable to make it worth the trip! Information about admission, directions and parties can be found HERE.

After enduring all the complaining about being bored and bickering between siblings, it sure is fun to look back at their faces from several weeks ago and see just how happy they really were!

There are two main pools; one is shallow enough to wade at the deepest parts with a huge play gym in the middle of it. For your littles not quite big enough to swim, there’s plenty in this pool to keep them busy and safe!

Even the bigs have a good time in this area!

The second pool gets a little deeper, but if your kiddos aren’t strong swimmers there are plenty of lifeguards and life jackets to go around! There are also two huge slides for swimmers 48″ and above (including grown ups!).

Then there’s my favorite, the lazy river! If only there was a waterside bar for adult beverages…you know like…diet coke and other completely responsible beverages!

Corrinne, our monkey bar champion made it all the way accross the rope ladder lily pad thing. I have no idea what to call the thing. But it looks hard and she’s amazing! Aidan pretty much just jumped in and swam across.

All in all, we had a great time. I regret to have waited so long to share this with you that they’re closed now, but bookmark this post and set your sites to go next Summer! Also, keep your eyes open for Living Social and Groupon deals. I used a Groupon the day we went and saved a lot of money!

See you around town!

Honeybee Mama


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