Reach Clothing Donates to Tulsa’s Needy

Making a difference in this world is a dream shared by many people. That idea of leaving your own little mark in history could be the biggest driving force in many of our lives. But, how often do we actually make that change that we so desperately want to see in the world? Tyson Baker, an Owasso businessman and native, has turned his dream of change into a reality by creating his own company, Reach Clothing. Baker creates many fun and fashionable clothing items that will leave you and your wallet happy. However, the most important part of your purchase is what comes after your transaction is complete.

With every shirt purchased, Reach Clothing will donate a shirt to a child in need. The Reach motto and logo, 2RBR, means “To reach, be reached.” It’s a very simple idea that carries so much weight.

“I always admired that simple business motto, buy one give one.” Baker said. While being owner of a successful shaved ice stand, Baker always knew he wanted to do more. Ironically, he didn’t have much experience in the clothing industry when he decided to start Reach.

So what possessed a successful businessman to venture out into a clothing company? “It all started when I heard a story of a child being bullied at school because he wore the same shirt every day,” Baker said. “Soon after that, I saw a national story about how 16 million children are without a home in the United States, and right then I knew that this is what I needed to do.” Tyson wanted to cloth homeless children, to reach out to people who are hurting.

The main objective of Reach is to help put an end to bullying. Baker and his team have logged many miles traveling to different schools to speak to students on the subject. Baker gives children strategies to deal with bullying and encourages them to stand together against bullies.

“It’s really neat to see the kids absorbing the message of our shirts and realizing that when they have those shirts, they stand against being a bully and they stand against being bullied,” Baker said.

At their most recent school event in Tulsa, the company donated shirts to 500 children. When they revealed to the kids that they all would be receiving a shirt, what happened next would turn out to be a moment that Baker and his team will never forget. “I’ve been able to hold my emotions in check pretty well so far, but when I saw all of those kids screaming and jumping up and down out of excitement, it definitely brought tears to my eyes,” Baker said.

Stories like that have helped spread the word and raise public awareness of the Reach clothing company. Baker often credits his team and the community of Collinsville, where his printing shop is located, for the growing success of Reach. However, Baker admits that getting his company into new areas is the most difficult and also the most important piece of their future success.

“We’ve been in talks with Texas and Kansas stores about getting our product out to those states.” Baker said. “Finding all of those new markets is definitely the most challenging aspect.”

Reach products can now be found in Whole Foods Market in Tulsa and Oklahoma City as well as on their website where you can order clothes for both kids and adults. Visitors to the website can browse through all the products and learn more about Baker and his cause.

“My goal is to be able to help 1 million children.” Baker said. “I know that’s a long-term goal but that’s what we work toward every day.”

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