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Birthday Celebration and Game With a Cop at Rewind eSports

How did you spend your last birthday? As a twin, my sister, Lynda, and I (yes, Lynn and Lynda) make every effort to be together. However, being 450 miles away makes it difficult. The nice thing this year was that we both traveled to Dayton, Ohio, to be with my dad on his birthday, which was August 1st. I took my kids, so lots of cousins got together that have never played together before. Although such a long trip was a bit scary money-wise while unemployed, it was definitely worth it. My dad turned 83 years old. Seeing the big smile on his face while his grandkids played with the soccer ball in the backyard warmed my heart and strengthened my soul. My dad is an ordained minister. He is in so-so health, but I’m sure he knew God was with us and made him feel as strong as a Mexican bull. #GodisGood

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“The sun is the same in a relative way but you’re older
Shorter of breath and one day closer to death.” TIME by Pink Floyd, 1973

I have always loved the song, especially in concert! It’s a laissez-faire way of looking at any normal day on the calendar, but on August 7th, on my birthday, I like the lyric from Rush’s 1987 song, “Time Stand Still”:

“Summer’s going fast
Nights growing colder
Children growing up
Old friends growing older
Freeze this moment
A little bit longer
Make each sensation
A little bit stronger”

On my birthday I like to celebrate with loved ones and freeze the moment a little bit longer. I’m a LEO so we like to make a big deal out of our birthdays and celebrate all month! LOL. However, these days I’m good for going all out on 8/7, lounging on the couch 8/8 and forgetting about it till next year.

This year, I spent it at IDL Ballroom, downtown Tulsa. Surrounded by friends at an event that was both happy and sad. It was the final local Rock Show at IDL Ballroom. My friends Doug Burgess and Tom Green have brought so many great ’80s Metal concerts to that venue over the years that it was a perfect way to celebrate my birthday. Along with two of my favorite local bands: Rocket Science and Dead Metal Society. Plus, doing my video podcast show “Tulsa Rocks” there and having the Sold Out crowd sing Happy Birthday to me was super awesome too.

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Rock Horns to Mayor GT Bynum for proclaiming July “Tulsa Music Month.” Since my podcast is called Tulsa Rocks, I felt compelled to do something to celebrate. And since I am very passionate about giving back to the community, I wanted to have a fundraiser. So, with little time or experience, I put together our first Tulsa Rocks Benefit Concert. Along with the gracious help of Eric & Ashley at Cimarron Bar, we raised $2,000 that was donated to TulsaFMAC. I talk specifically about how TulsaFMAC helps the Tulsa music scene in previous blogs, so I won’t go into detail, but here is their website: www.TulsaFMAC.com

Thanks to all who supported the event including my partner-in-crime and co-host, Chris Kennedy. He not only did my podcast with me but also performed on-stage! Truly multitalented!

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Tonight at 6:00 I will be broadcasting live from Rewind eSports in Broken Arrow, 411 W. Stonewood Dr, next to Bass Pro Shops. Jr. High and High School kids can play video games like Fortnite, Roblox, Minecraft and others, against Broken Arrow Police Officers. What a fun community engagement night!! And if you’ve not been to Rewind yet, WOW!! What a cool place! While your kids are grinding on video games, moms and dads can relax in the lounge with leather couches and a full bar. It’s high-tech all around. They even have wireless charging pads built into the tables, so you just set your phone on it, and VOILÁ, it’s charging!

Tim Anderson has created a very cool small business that will have you and your kids going back many times. My two kids absolutely love it and can’t wait to play with BA PD tonight!

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