Beyond Instamakeup:

Natural Makeup Tips for Teens

Throughout my younger years, the struggle to figure out who I was and how I wanted to present myself to the world was in full swing. Influence from early social media and the entertainment business swayed my opinions on what mature and natural beauty was. This led me down the path of wanting to slap on a thick bottom eyeliner, dark eyeshadow, and a bold lip in order to strut the hallways of my middle school.

With the guidance of my amazing mom, I was presented with some reasonable and natural beauty options that gave a younger Zoe the excitement of wearing makeup while still displaying natural beauty.

Nowadays, social media makeup artists are taking over the internet and most social media outlets. It is growing hard to promote natural beauty in the midst of heavy-handed and elaborate makeup routines online–especially when it comes to young girls trying to figure out what appearances work best for them. It almost pains me to watch a 13-year-old slather layers of thick foundations and powders onto vibrant and youthful skin. Makeup is all about expression, but you can help your teen see that there are ways to express beauty beyond “Instaglam.”

The first way my mom shared these beauty tips with me was to create an affair out of shopping for makeup. Going to Target or Walgreens to purchase products together were some of my favorite days, as she helped me pick out every product I owned. Since I was young, there was no need to go into Sephora and haul out an array of high-end, expensive products; I had to learn how to take care of my drugstore makeup first. Taking care of makeup is a crucial part of beauty in general–keeping the packaging and brushes clean is of the utmost importance when trying to maintain healthy skin.

Some of the products I was introduced to included concealer, brown or clear mascara, muted blush, and nude or white eyeliner. Rather than using a full face of foundation, concealer is the perfect way to cover discoloration and blemishes without covering the entire face in makeup. This ultimately protects young skin from more breakouts and premature aging. Additionally, simply choosing clear or brown mascara can create a more enhanced, natural look for any teen by just toning down the color of the product yet still adding volume and length to the lashes. Blush can be youthful and natural, but it is very easy to go overboard. Many brands have muted mauve shades available that add natural color to the skin without going overboard. Finally, one of my all-time favorite tricks: nude or white eyeliner. This technique is for the most skilled teens who can use product in the waterline. Instead of using black, which can give the illusion of a smaller eye, a nude or white shade does the opposite. The white can make the eye appear larger and make anyone look a little bit more radiant while drawing attention to the eye.

These tips and tricks can help teens to feel confident in their own skin alongside helping them to explore the art of makeup. Sometimes spoiling your teen with a high-end eyeshadow single or lip gloss can also help them understand the value of using makeup only to show off their unique features. Although every teen is different, these tricks can equip any young teen for the future– I still use the tips my mom taught me to this day!

Here are some products I would recommend!

Light and Neutral Blush:

Depending on skin tone, both shades Mellow Wine and Rose Champagne appear to be muted and natural!


This is by far my favorite drugstore concealer. With the plush applicator it is easy to use, the formula covers well and shades do not oxidize on the skin. It provides the most natural appearance without looking caked on and it does not cling to dry skin or peach fuzz on the face.


After trying multiple drug-store mascaras, this one is my go-to! The formula is not too thick and it does not crumble after hours of wear. They offer a brown shade alongside black shades.

This mascara is a classic! The clear formula that has been around for ages is generally popular– because it works!

White Eyeliner:

This affordable and effective white eyeliner is perfect for creating a bright eyed and natural look. I love this specific liner because it is soft and applies easily in the waterline.

About Zoe:

My name is Zoe Roberts and I have a passion for sharing my style and beauty advice. I study Journalism and Fashion at the University of Arizona and I want to show parents and kids alike that fashion is an empowering art for everyone! From seasonal trends to skincare, I’ve got you covered.

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