More Than Just Hair at Q-cuts

I was behind on everything involved in getting kids ready for school this year. Our littles didn’t start school until last Thursday and instead of buying clothes and shoes on the tax free weekend, bought everything that following week. Instead of buying school supplies early, I waited until the night before school started and couldn’t find half of what we needed. I put off making an appointment for free hair cuts at JC Penny in August, then ran out of time to wait on the phone to make an appointment. (JC Penny is still doing free hair cuts though, maybe you’ll have better luck getting an appointment than I did!)

I’m glad I didn’t make that appointment though, because I remembered that I’d heard about a super cool new kid’s hair salon in South Tulsa, called Q-Cuts. Q-Cuts offers a variety of services and packages tailored for kids and teens in a fun and inviting atmosphere that seriously takes the stress off of necessary errands.

The day before school started, we (finally) ventured on over to see what all the hubub was about!

The salon is very spacious, with plenty of booths to serve several children at a time. The booths for smaller children have cars and motorcycles for the kids to sit in, and EVERY chair has a flat screen TV with cartoons playing! No complaining from the littlest bee getting his mohawk trimmed up!

No complaints from Aidan getting his buzz cut (which he calls his “Bald Eagle Hair Do”) cleaned up while he buzzed along on his killer motorcycle!


I love the fun extra touch that every kid gets colored gel or hairspray if they want (and Mom approves)! Aidan picked blue.

Alec picked green for his Stegosaurus spikes.

The chairs for older kids and teens have sweet club chairs and huge TVs, all equipped with the latest gaming gear. I’m definitely bringing Carter, our 11 year old, here for his next hair trim. He’ll be beside himself.

Check out the little bitty plush robes for little ones that get a V.I.P. package! There’s a whole V.I.P. area where there are special lighted mirrors and girls can get tiaras and “mini-cures” and even special hair treatments. What a fun birthday idea or Mommy-Daughter date idea!

I had so much fun meeting the owner, Lisa, and her staff. These gals love what they do and have a real vision for a place that is fun and inviting for kids and families. In fact, Lisa is intent on not placing hair product ads or pictures of trendy hair dos on the walls. The entire salon is decorated with artwork from local children. She’s looking for young artists interested in displaying their artwork too!

I was really impressed with how smooth their business runs, how beautiful the facility is and how fantastic the people are. The prices are all very reasonable too!

As if we hadn’t already gotten our money’s worth with great haircuts in record time, there are old school video games that are totally free!

Alec had his first pinball experience!

Then, the real icing on the cake was getting airbrush tattoos! Q-cuts has books of several choices for designs, including local school mascots so kids get gear up for game day.

Alec picked the very scary skull and was, of course, oh so tough with it on his big muscle.

Aidan wanted his on his chest.

I consented, then had to scold him for pulling up his shirt in every other public place we entered the rest of that day! Geez, good one, Mom!

We had so much fun…I wonder if they’d mind if I come to get my hair done and play when I don’t have my kids. I mean…I like sweet chairs, cartoons and tattoos! I wonder if they have tiaras in my size…

Stop by next time your kids need a trim and tell them I sent you!


See you around town!

Honeybee Mama

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