Making History at Weber’s

We’re kind of suckers for bar stools and hamburger stands. Well, I know I am, and maybe that’s why my kids are too. I love places like Steve’s Sundry, Brewburger and Tally’s where I can sit up high, side by side with others and twirl around in my seat while I wait for my delicious treat! If you’re looking for delicious treats and a trip down memory lane while you dangle your legs, you’ve got to head over to Weber’s Superior Root Beer Stand. The oldest business on Historic Brookside, Weber’s is one of a kind and sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Indoor seating is limited, but there is plenty of outdoor seating, and you can also phone in and pick up to-go orders.

What’s so special about Weber’s? Well, for starters, Oscar Weber invented the hamburger! In 1891, Weber fashioned his very own grill, sourdough buns and Angus beef patties sandwiched inside and made history. He opened for business in 1933 and today, Weber’s family owned restaurant makes the hamburgers just the same and on the very same grill! Read the whole story here.

When I took three of the kiddos out for lunch a couple weeks ago, they had fun sitting on the stools and looking out the window while we waited for our order.

While they waited and twirled, I perused the newspaper clippings on the walls.

newspaper clipping on the wall at weber's superior root beer stand

Weber’s is a sweet piece of Tulsa history and is beloved by many.

We decided to try a little bit of everything. I had to get a cheese burger (it felt wrong not to!), and the kids got corn dogs and chicken chunks. We shared a family portion of French fries (served in the brown paper bag) and an original root beer float.

The food was amazing. I think I ate my weight in fries, which were real, fresh cut potatoes and fried to perfection. And let me tell you, the root beer really is superior! Even if you don’t order lunch and the works, stop in for a float and I promise you won’t be disappointed. No flimsy soft serve here – the real, thick and rich vanilla ice cream was perfectly complimented by the nutty and spicy flavor of Weber’s Root Beer. Talk about a treat!

It happened to be a rainy day, and I can’t think of many things better than an all American meal from Weber’s while enjoying the trickle of rain. Sadly, I’ve lived in Tulsa almost my entire life, and this was my very first trip to Weber’s. I feel like a good mom knowing I’ve started off my kids on the right foot to their journey through Tulsa’s history!

Check out Weber’s menu online and don’t miss the coupons on their website!


See you around town!

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