Loving Lafortune

Have you been to Lafortune Park lately? Man, taking my kids to Lafortune takes me right back to childhood.

My mom used to jog the three mile jogging trail that encircles the entire park, located between 51st and 61st off of Yale. I remember taking my bike and riding ahead of her, then turning around to circle behind her. Now, as an adult, it’s been one of my favorite places to run when training for the Tulsa Run and Route 66 Half Marathon.

It’s a huge park, so it’s fun to explore. My littles like to play Follow the Leader, especially if it means making ME follow THEM!

On our most recent trip, Aidan was intent on following the ducks. He was just sure he could catch one, but I let him know that ducks that give nasty bites!

So, we moved on from the ducks to exploring the creek.

And the super cool little waterfall. It’s a kid-sized paradise!

I couldn’t help but take my flippies off and get my feet in the mossy water. It was a little moment in the middle of a big city where I took a breath and felt like I was somewhere exotic and untouched.

Then I woke up and realized Aidan was doing the same, shirt removed and sitting right down in the water! Like Mommy like son I guess!

There’s something about Summer that makes me feel like little boys should be running around shirtless most of the time anyway, don’t you think?

Next, it was Alec’s turn to lead, and he was ready to hit the playground!

Eventually, Aidan put his shirt back on and followed Alec’s lead through the obstacle course he envisioned on the play equipment.

Lafortune is so much more than a park. The tall, old trees offer shade on hot days and the feeling of being in a deep forest. Besides numerous play areas and swing sets scattered throughout the park, there are also batting cages, a golf course, community center, and swimming pool on the property!

Learn more about all Tulsa’s Lafortune Park has to offer here.  Also, if you haven’t picked up your copy of the Tulsa County Park’s 2012 Activities guide, you can view it online here. There are so, so many activities for the whole family at parks and community centers throughout the city. Many are free and others are extremely affordable!

See you around town!

Honeybee Mama

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