New mental health resource parents should have on their radar

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We are all trying to navigate a world that looks entirely different than it did just a few years ago. Stress, depression, anxiety, societal pressures and much more are invading the lives of many – from school kids to senior adults. Understanding your child’s mental health can be complex for parents, but it doesn’t have to be. Your family’s mental health needs are critically important, and the 988 Mental Health Lifeline is here to help.

More than 54,000 of our children in Oklahoma live with major depression. For many parents, it is hard to identify when a child may struggle, as signs and symptoms of depression and mental health issues are not always obvious. It is essential to learn what these warnings look like to ensure you can help your child when they need it most.

The lifeline provides Oklahomans with a resource that can easily connect to a trained behavioral health specialist via call or text within seconds. When anyone across the state contacts 988, they are directed to an Oklahoma operator who is available to speak with, gain access to resources, or set up appointments with therapists. The 988 Lifeline gives Oklahomans experiencing mental health crises an outlet to receive care.

As a parent, you can rely on 988 to provide resources about having mental health conversations with your children or guidance with a crisis your child is experiencing. By calling or texting the lifeline, you are immediately connected with a specialist who can provide help or guidance for your child’s needs. These specialists are there to discuss ways you can best support your child during a crisis they may be experiencing.

Not only is 988 a resource that can help your children, but it is for you too! Behavioral health specialists understand the stress and overwhelm parents experience and are there to help you navigate through your mental health journey. Whether you need to discuss depression or want to be connected to a behavioral health specialist, it is important to speak with someone who can assist in your mental health journey.

Reaching out to ask for help is great when it comes to asking a babysitter to step in or asking your kids for help on chores – asking for mental health help should be no different. Call or text 988 to be connected with someone who will listen and assist you or your children’s mental health needs.

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