Kuts 4 Kids

Anyone else have trouble finding a great place to get your kids’ haircuts? Now that I think about it, I guess I’ve never actually TRIED all that hard to find a great place because life is always so busy! I always end up going to the nearest walk-in quickie cut place, and end up unhappy with what they do to my kids’ locks, as well as heated with frustration from having to keep my kids from climbing the walls while waiting! A couple of my friends have raved about Kuts 4 Kids near 81st and Lewis, so I was more than willing to try it out.

We showed up around 4pm on a Wednesday afternoon, and I was not the only one with the brilliant idea; the waiting area was filled with kids and parents, so the waiting list was considerable. No one seemed to mind though. The entire place is essentially a play area for little ones. Parents sit and calmly read or play on their cell phones, whild the kids are amply occupied!

There’s a constant stream of kids movies (Cars II was on when we arrived), and there’s even a game room in the back with tvs and video games. It was a hit for us apparently!


I love how the owner has rigged his chairs with bikes and trikes to make them fun and unintimidating for the littles. In the few times I’ve been I’ve never seen a single frightened or fussy child! Very impressive indeed.

tractor chair at kuts 4 kids

My littlest chose the Power Wheels chair. Very cool! I tried to sing him the Power Wheels theme song and realized I didn’t know all of it. Thankfully, he didn’t know any better and kept on “riding” through his hair cut!

mr. will cutting hair at kuts 4 kids

The bigs chose the “big kid” chair, where I’ve even seen adults getting their hair cut. Mr. Will does an AMAZING job. All our kids just needed scissor cuts, so I haven’t seen his skills with shears, but he got everything even and even trimmed up all the layers perfectly. The boys all wanted Beiber-esk cuts, and Corrinne needed a trim and attention to her curly layers.

And get this: he did FOUR kids’ cuts in less than 30 minutes. No joke. When we showed up on Wednesday and it was so full, I knew we wouldn’t have time for our cuts so I told Will we’d come back the following day. He told me Thursdays he does appointments only and that I could write down in the notebook when we’d be in. When we arrived on Thursday at 4:15, he was RIGHT on time and breezed through the process. He says his skills are a gift from God, and he’s not lying! If you’re on a tight schedule, give him a call or stop in to make yourself a Thursday appointment.

Mr. Will is the only one who does hair at Kuts 4 Kids, so if you’re a walk-in, you will wait a little bit. But I’m telling you, it is truly an enjoyable experience with a friendly atmosphere and inspirational quotes painted on the walls. Your kids will be occupied and happy instead of driving you crazy, and in the end you will be glad you waited for the master to cut your child’s hair. I cannot say enough about his skills with the scissors and with the little ones!

Be prepared – cuts are $17, baby’s first cut and bangs are $10, and he accepts cash and check only. Like I said though, the price and the wait are WELL worth it. I don’t think I’ll be able to bring myself to take them anywhere else, ever!

My sweet friends who recommended the place to me were kind enough to share pictures of their adorable angels getting trims too!

new haircut, thanks to kuts 4 kids 

I hope you’ll stop in and visit Mr. Will and support this great local business!

See you around town!



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