I’m a Tulsa Kid: Buck Todd

Todd has participated in the American Heart Association's Tulsa Heart Ball Sweethearts and Mavericks program

Every year the American Heart Association sponsors a program called the Tulsa Heart Ball Sweethearts and Mavericks for local high school sophomores. Cascia Hall student Buck Todd participated in the program and had the opportunity, not only to learn about giving, but also about heart healthy lifestyles and the importance of community engagement.

TK: How did you get involved with the American Heart Association?

Buck: Through my participation in the Tulsa Heart Ball

TK: What is the Tulsa Heart Ball?

Buck:  The Tulsa Heart Ball raises money to fight heart disease. Seventy sophomore students are invited to be part of the fight against heart disease by the Tulsa Heart Ball each year. They are called “Sweethearts and Mavericks.” We meet survivors of heart defects and diseases. We get CPR training and the opportunity to meet a doctor that treats patients with heart disease. We also help raise money for the fight against heart disease.

I learned that heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women; in the United States, someone has a heart attack every 40 seconds; and each minute, more than one person in the United States dies from a heart disease – related event. (CDC)

TK: How much money did you raise and how did you raise it?

Buck: I raised $4,600. I spoke to family and friends about the Heart Ball and how it raises money to fight heart disease, the ball itself and the recognition of the Sweethearts and Mavericks at the ball.

TK: What advice do you have for future philanthropists?

Buck: Become informed about the people in the community and their needs. Identify a person or group of people you feel strongly about helping. Find a group or entity that feels the way you do about helping and become a part of that group. Don’t miss the opportunity to do something small and simple on your own for someone that really needs help.

TK: What are you goals for the future?

Buck: Complete my education, and to continue to be aware of the needs of other people as I make my own mark on the world.

TK: What are you hobbies and interest?

Buck: Cross country, track and field, student council.

TK: What is a fun fact about you?

Buck: I am at home in the city, at Cascia Hall and at the Heart Ball. I am also at home riding and working cattle on our ranch where I grew up. I guess you could say I am a little bit country, and a little bit rock and roll.

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