Humans for Humanity in Tulsa

Tulsan Nedal Nofal and his friends felt helpless as they witnessed the violence, especially to children, occurring in the world. Rather than sit as idle by-standers, they decided to take action. That action became a new organization called Humans for Humanity, co-founded by Nofal. In his day job, Nofal works at the Tulsa Health Department in the Healthy Living Program.

TK: How was Humans for Humanity born?

Nofal: The idea began when a couple of friends and myself were sitting around discussing current events. Our hearts were breaking as we discussed innocent children being killed around the world, such as in Gaza, Palestine. We started coming up with crazy ideas, like buying a billboard to raise awareness for the injustice around the world, but then we decided we should probably start on a smaller scale. We came across a video that the topic was “We should be one nation. No matter the difference in color, race, or religion we should stand as one nation.“ Within a few days everything else just fell together.

TK: What does Humans for Humanity mean to you?

Nofal: This is something we are doing for ourselves. We are changing the world in any way we can, whether it is putting a smile on someone’s face, cleaning a yard, or standing with our community in the face of injustice. Anything to make a difference, we are doing OUR part. Helping those in need and giving those a voice who don’t have one. You have to be the change you want to see in the world.

TK: How long have you lived in Tulsa?

Nofal: Coming up on 25 years.

TK: What is your favorite thing about living in Tulsa?

Nofal: The best part about living here is that it’s a great place to raise a family, great schools, and most of all a great community.

TK: Talking about raising a family, as a soon-to-be father, how are you going to be a better parent after participating in Humans for Humanity?

Nofal: I want to be able to teach my child that every human life matters, with no exception of race, religion, color, etc.

TK: What do you think is the scariest part of being a new dad?

Nofal: Just the fact that I’m going to be responsible for a life!

TK: How are you going to be a different parent from your own parents?

Nofal: Definitely monitor social media and the Internet in general. [When I was] growing up, this was not an issue for my parents, but the times are changing.

TK: What are your hopes for your future child?

Nofal: That she grows up in an environment where racism wouldn’t be an issue.

TK: What are your hopes for humanity?

Nofal: To coexist! To be able to look past the differences. We may speak different languages, believe in different ideologies or come from different cultures, but when it comes down to it, we all breathe air and bleed the same color. At the end of the day, we are all humans and we should all fight for humanity.

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