Homma Camp Co.: Backyard Slumber Parties Offer an Unforgettable Birthday Experience

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Jessica Brent and DeAnna Cooper, owners of Homma Camp Co., took their love for outdoor adventure and turned it into a unique business serving the Tulsa Area. Homma Camp Co.’s Slumber Party Package combines the best of two worlds: backyard camping and slumber parties! Learn more below.

1. What does your Slumber Party Package include?

The Slumber Party Package includes installation and light outfitting of one canvas bell tent. Outfitting includes: rugs, poufs and pillows, a center crate table, lantern, door mat, string lights, and camp chairs. Campers bring their own sleeping bags.

2. How is the Slumber Party Package priced, and what additional amenities can you add to the basic package?

The basic Slumber Party Packages is $250+tax. We can provide a variety of additional amenities such as cots, sleeping bags, balloons & bunting, s’mores bar, fans, and indoor installation.

3. How much square footage do you need for a single tent + chair setup?

We have two different tent sizes. Our smaller tents are 13’ in diameter but we need a minimum of 16’x16’ area to set up. For our larger tents, which are 16’ in diameter, we need a space that is at least 19’x19’.

If there is no grassy area available, we can set up on hard surfaces or indoors, but there is an extra fee.

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 4. Do you need outdoor electricity for the string lights, etc., or are those battery-operated?

The lights are battery operated. We only need electricity if the campers want to use fans or space heaters.

5. How long does it take to set up the tent, etc.? What might we need to know about the tear-down process?

We like to schedule an hour for installation and break down, but it doesn’t usually take that long. The breakdown process is quick and the client doesn’t even have to be home if we have access to the location of the tent.

6. Is there an ideal age range for a Homma Camp Co. slumber party?

The backyard slumber party is great for all ages! But we have found that it’s really great for a first camping experience.

7. How far in advance does one need to reserve the Slumber Party Package?

It depends on the season. September, October, and November often fill up. Other times of the year we can usually accommodate requests with just a few days notice.

8. In addition to the Slumber Party Package, what else does Homma Camp Co. offer?

We offer a range of luxury camping and outdoor experiences. The Slumber Party Package is our most minimal service. We also offer more luxurious outfitting – think beds and down comforters, fans, etc. For weddings, festivals, and large events, we provide luxury tent villages to accommodate guests. We also offer unique outdoor experiences like Hike-In Picnics and Fireside Chef Dinners.

9. How did Homma Camp Co. originate? Who are the owners, and where did the idea come from?

Jessica Brent and DeAnna Cooper are the owners. The idea came to us because we have some experience traveling, adventuring, and being outdoors while also being comfortable. We wanted to make it easy and comfortable for people to get outside and connect with nature and loved ones.

Contact Homma Camp Co.

Phone: 918.892.1637
Website: hommacampcompany.com/slumber-party
Email: hello@hommacampcompany.com

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