Happy New Year!

Yes, I’m that guy. 23 days into January and I’m still saying “Happy New Year”. Because I’ve not talked to you since last year, and I honestly do wish you a happy New Year! 🥂

Things are pretty quiet in the radio business over the holidays so, traditionally, I’ve mainly focused on family and household matters.

The rest of the year, I’m eagerly asking you to volunteer and/or for donations to my voluminous non-profit work, so I like to give you a break as well.

However, new year, new ways you can help our community so…let’s get caught up!

There’s No Place Like Home

It has been such an emotional second half of 2022 that I decided to stay close to home for the holidays. My twin sister invited the kids and I to Austin for Christmas, and we all wanted to go, but I decided to save on stress (and money) and remain in Tulsa. Perhaps we will make the drive later this year for the holidays.

However, since my sister keeps hinting at moving from Austin to Tulsa, who knows what might happen in 2023?

It was a pretty quiet holiday for us, which is just fine, since there was so much havoc at the airports. We remained safe, warm and happy. No lost baggage or delayed flights for us.

How was your holiday season?

The Pilk Challenge

To kill some time over the slow holiday season, my podcast co-host (and long time rock radio extraordinaire), Jill Munroe, decided to finally try the Pepsi Milk Challenge, with a twist!

Have you heard of the “Pepsi Coke Challenge”? It started back in 1975. Jill and I decided to combine that old school challenge with the trendy new “Pepsi Milk Challenge” (or PILK for short) and add our own 80-proof twist!

Now Thatsa Pizza Pie-a!

One of the most fun things that my kids and I did the past couple months is attend the world’s largest pizza party!

Mike Bausch of Andolini’s Pizza partnered with the University of Tulsa to host an attempt to break the Guinness Book of World Records’ record for the largest pizza party. It was held this past weekend at TU’s Reynolds Center, which is their basketball arena. It is adjacent to Chapman Stadium, where the Golden Hurricane play football. I have known Mike for many years. His passion to create the best pizza is only matched by his eagerness to give back to the Tulsa community. Which he did in a magnificent way. A portion of the tickets sold, along with a huge matching donation by the university, helped raise over $40,000 for Make-A-Wish of Oklahoma!

Mike has a huge heart. And is also, hilariously, a walking encyclopedia of pop-culture.


The party not only broke the record but blew it up with triple the amount of pizza-eating lovers! A total of 3,357 people attended breaking the previous record of a measly, 1,046 which was held in Rome, Italy. Yep! We beat the Italians at their own game!

New York, LA and Chicago all recently attempted to break the record and failed! Leave it to a “fly-over” state to beat them all.

Hey Mike, I say if anyone breaks our record, we move it Chapman Stadium!!

Dads Rock 1

My nine-year-old daughter, Angel, helping set a work record!

Dads Rock 2

Here is the big moment:

Please Help Homeless Children

At Tulsa Schools’ resource fair last year I met a representative of a new non-profit that I am excited to tell you about. It’s called “Lend a Hand CAN”.

Below is their flier that explains their mission and how you can help. They provide resources to homeless children and their families.

They are growing quickly, and their passion to help unhoused Tulsans is limited to the work space they currently operate out of, which is a simple, small garage. They need a very generous donor to provide a workspace so they can put together care packages for their clients.

If you can provide a larger facility, please reach out to the info below.

Img 8410

This is a backpack full of basic necessities  they give to homeless families:

Img 8406

Dads Rock 2023 New Year Pin

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