Halloween Mask-erade: 7 Ways to Mask Up for Halloween

Masks have long been a Halloween tradition. According to history.com, people began wearing masks on Halloween to hide their identities from the ghosts believed to visit Earth on October 31. This year, masks are helping protect families from something more tangible and scary: COVID-19.

Although door-to-door trick-or-treating may not be the best idea this year, hopefully your kids will still get a chance to show off their Halloween costumes. And while it might seem like a shame to cover the face of your whimsical witch, dashing knight, etc., rest assured that the right face mask can totally complete your child’s costume!

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Here are just a few ways to mask up for Halloween. And, if you want to try making your own facemask, go to tulsakids.com/how-to-make-your-own-face-masks.

1. Pump(kin) It Up

Pair any costume with a mask made out of generic (but cute!) Halloween fabric. Look for pumpkins, bats, ghosts…you get the idea!

Starling Jaris 1

Starling Jaris wearing a pumpkin mask

2. Ghoul-worthy Glow-Up

Glow-in-the-dark fabric can really light up your look! Alternately, draw on a plain fabric mask using glow-in-the-dark fabric paint.

June Page 2

June Page in a night sky glow-in-the-dark mask and bat costume

3. Match the Merch

If your child is dressing up like a popular character – think Spider-Man, Hermione, etc. – chances are, you can find fabric from the exact franchise you’re looking for! A quick Google search will reveal whether or not you’re in luck.

Adeline And Elsa Carter Pc Marissa Carter 2

Adeline Carter, left, as the quintessential Ravenclaw wearing a mask from Universal Studios. Photo by Marissa Carter

4. Decorate, If You Dare!

A pack of fabric pens plus a plain fabric mask equals endless opportunities for creativity! Write a ghostly greeting such as “Have a fang-tastic night!” “Happy haunting!” or even “Trick or Treat!” then decorate the rest of the mask until you have a mesmerizing masterpiece.

Decorated Mask

5. Bats, Black Cats, Rats and More!

Is your child dressing up like an animal for Halloween? There are lots of “animal face” facemasks available. And if you can’t find one, you can always make one: Simply take a plain fabric mask, and add a nose, mouth and any other details you desire using fabric paint. This look seamlessly incorporates the facemask into the costume.

Elsa Carter

Elsa Carter as a totally terrific tiger! Mask and matching sweatshirt from cubcoats.com.

6. Thrilling Themes

If you can’t find the perfect licensed fabric to pair with your child’s costume-of-choice, you can always stick to a theme. For example, don your Donatello in a mask made out of turtle fabric. Or dress your mermaid in an enchanting under-the-sea mask.

Joss Rittler As A Ninja Turtle

Joss Ritter as Michaelangelo

7. You Do You, Boo

On the flip side of sticking to a theme: Just let your kids wear their favorite mask. For example: Does your child love Princess Leia AND pink leopard print? They don’t have to choose! This is the perfect opportunity to let your kids incorporate their many interests into one unique costume. After all, it’s Halloween!

Sybil And Zella Tom As Rey And Leia

Sybil and Zella Tom ready to defend the galaxy as Rey and Princess Leia

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