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Parisotto has a Passion for Dance


The dancing phenomenon has grown in recent years, especially with popular shows such as “Dancing with the Stars” capturing the art of dance as well as the intensity of competition.

As professional dancing has grown in popularity, there has also been a steady rise in recreational dancing. Many benefits come with the hobby, including the social aspect, learning something new and getting exercise while having fun.

Mother of three, Bobbi Lee Parisotto didn’t grow up taking dancing lessons, but a couple of years ago she was introduced to dancing and hasn’t looked back. Now Bobbi kicks up her heels with several local groups including Tulsa Swing Dance Club.

TK: How long have you been interested in dancing?

Bobbi: July 2018 is when my passion for dancing truly evolved. I was invited to learn West Coast swing style with a routine being performed by the Tulsa Swing Dance Club. The routine was to be joined in with a worldwide “rally” of dancers. Each city participating sent in a video of the routine. One video showed many states and countries performing the same routine to the same song. Learning the Rally routine sparked my love for dancing.  The amazing people I learned from and danced with have become a group of friends that I connect with daily.

TK: How old are your kids? Are you able to include them in dance?

Bobbi: I have three children, ages 10, 11 and 14.  The two oldest have no desire for dance, but support my enthusiasm for it. I find myself dancing all through the house, and they laugh with me.
My youngest daughter does share the desire for dance. She has attended a few lessons with me, and would like to learn more. My group was asked to perform onstage during the Winter Wonderland series at the Gathering Place this past winter. My daughter was on stage with us halfway through. Our director, Darren Cagle, accepted her eagerly, and helped her with the dance moves. She was so happy!

TK: How did you become involved in the Tulsa Swing Dance Club?

Bobbi: I learned about the Tulsa Swing Dance Club when I accepted the invitation to dance in the Rally routine. Since then, I have learned about other dance clubs and dance styles. I love them all, and want to continue learning more!

TK: What do you consider some of the benefits of dancing?

Bobbi: As a single mom and business professional, exercise is difficult for me to make time for. The dance floor has become my gym. It’s perfect! As I’m dancing to song after song, I feel the intensity of a cardio workout. Dancing other styles, like waltz and bachata, I stretch my limbs and torso, which is great for my muscles and flexibility. The friends I’ve made while following my passion of dancing is something I’m truly grateful for. I appreciate each one of them so much. When I go out dancing, I know I have a network of dancers that will always take my hand and lead me around the dance floor. I can go out alone, and know I won’t be lonely or bored. The same group of friends now bonds at theaters, restaurants, holiday parties, float trips and more. In fact, we have a group of 55 people taking a cruise together very soon! We will be dancing on the ocean!

TK: What other types of dance styles do you practice?

Bobbi: I am currently learning the waltz and bachata. I’m consistently learning new techniques for West Coast, two-step, line dancing, and more.

TK: For those in the Tulsa Swing Dance Club, what time commitment is expected? What about levels of expertise?

Bobbi: There are no requirements for attendance in the dance clubs I am involved with. There are practice groups nearly every night of the week.

TK: Is Tulsa Swing Dance Club for couples, individuals or both?

Bobbi: It’s for everyone! There is a price discount for couples who register together. All other dance clubs I belong to are open to everyone as well.

For more information about Tulsa Swing Dance Club, including videos, pricing details and location, check out:

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