Good Food, Great View:

Gathering Place's new restaurant, Vista, is a treat!

Although I’ve been known to avoid Gathering Place at peak times (i.e. weekends), the chance to meet one of the Budweiser Clydesdales the past Sunday afternoon offered an Instagram opportunity I just could not miss. After all, it’s my job as TulsaKids’ Web & Social Media Editor! Plus, Joss was recovering from a nasty virus that kept us both at home Wednesday through Friday, and now that he was finally feeling better, the call of the wild (that is, the great outdoors) was too much to resist. Even Daniel joined us!

Joss decided the horse’s name was “Waffles,” by the way.

I assumed we would be at Gathering Place for no longer than a couple hours, but I’d told Joss to wear his swimming suit in anticipation of letting him indulge in some water play at Charlie’s Water Mountain, now open for the season from 10 a.m.-dusk! (Pro Tip: I was proud of myself for remembering to put him in a bathing suit, but should have remembered to also bring a change of clothes for him to wear afterwards!)


To say Joss enjoyed all this water play would be an understatment. He LOVED it! There are so many different elements, from canals to dams to a giant sand area with places to dig, to basins you can fill (and sit in if desired), to a teeter totter connected to poles that spray water, to a shallow, padded area that gets a couple inches deep, perfect for toddlers (bring swim diapers if needed!).


Just be prepared to give your kid a bath when you get home because the combination of sand and water is one big mess! Although, there are fountains perfect for hosing down before you leave. Also, be prepared to keep a close eye on your kids because there were a couple places where the water pooled up to a foot or so deep.

At the end of all this excitement, Daniel and I were both HUNGRY, and as luck would have it, Gathering Place’s restaurant, Vista, had opened on May 20! So despite the fact that we were all damp and dirty, the hunger pangs and threat of imminent hanger won out and we decided to give it a try.

Thankfully, we got seated right next to an open window overlooking the Adventure Playground, with a view of downtown Tulsa as well!

The menu was not large, but there was a nice variety of flatbreads, soups and salads and other entrees–and we enjoyed everything we ate!

As you can see, 3/4 of the right page is just a drink menu–no complaints 😉

They gave us a choice of three kid’s options as well: chicken tenders, grilled cheese or a cheese pizza (with choice of fries or fruit). We got Joss the chicken tenders, which were just $5.

Daniel ordered the smoked salmon sandwich ($12), and I couldn’t resist the goat cheese and arugula flatbread ($9), primarily because of the promise of a “ginger balsamic glaze”–so good! According to Gathering Place’s website, “Vista’s menu has a variety of options fit for all dietary needs and budgets.” The menu, which featured items ranging from under $10 (like my flatbread) to $30 (filet), bears this out. We also shared an Aviator: dry gin, dry sherry, lemon and violet with “Vista ice.” Turns out, that means they hand-stamp the ice cube, something I’d never seen before–but it certainly makes one feel fancy!


In case you don’t know, Vista is located in the ONEOK Boathouse, just next to the gorgeous balcony area overlooking Peggy’s Pond. There is also a walkup drink window outside the restaurant, so you can purchase beer or a cocktail to sip on while relaxing on the balcony. According to the website, it looks like Vista is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Sadly (but wisely), Gathering Place announced this morning (Tuesday, May 28) that they will be closed today due to the closure of Riverside Drive between 21st and 31st streets. So you can’t rush right out and enjoy the pleasures of Charlie’s Water Mountain or Vista! However, keep an eye on their Facebook page for updates–and go ahead and start dreaming about your next trip to the park because there’s a lot to look forward to this summer!

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