Five Reasons to Celebrate Grandparents Day!


Grandparents Day often goes unrecognized, but it’s a holiday worth acknowledging. It’s a holiday that often flies under the radar. I write a blog about grandparenting, so I should be aware of the annual day assigned to celebrate grandparents, but the date almost slipped by me this year. It feels a little self-centered to talk about why grandparents are essential, but at the risk of being narcissistic, I’ll point out five reasons why we should celebrate grandparents this Sunday, September 10.

1. Family is important

I’m not naïve enough to believe all families are healthy and loving. If you have a good family, celebrate that connection. No family is perfect, but you’re fortunate if love and acceptance are there. Relationships must be nurtured to be strong, which applies to all family connections! Meet for brunch or cookout on Sunday evening. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as it’s together! If you’re separated by geography, modern technology can provide some face-to-face time!

2. Grandparents are a source of support

Some grandparents provide financial support, most offer emotional support to their children and grandchildren, and some even take over raising the grandchildren. In the United States, about 2.5 million children live with their grandparents, and these family heroes deserve to be recognized and praised every chance they get!

3. Grandparents provide a security blanket of unconditional love

A few days ago, my grandson said he thought I love him more than his mom does. Before you jump to any negative conclusions, I assure you his mother loves him completely and unconditionally. However, as a grandparent, I have an unfair advantage. I get to provide the kind of love that doesn’t involve coercing him to take a bath, do his chores, or admonish him to be kind to his sister. As the grandmother, I am all about playing endless games of Monopoly, always having the cookie jar full, and being astonished and impressed with every drawing and skill he shows me. In a grandparent’s eyes, every grandchild is a genius, an artist, an Olympic athlete, and a Nobel Prize winner!

4. Grandparents are fun

We’re fun, even if we have to fake it sometimes! When the grandkids come over, we dig deep and find the energy to have pillow fights, play chase, swim for hours, and climb the structures at Gathering Place. Okay, the truth is my husband does the climbing while I keep my phone ready to call 911! A fall is no joke at our age! The grandkids have no idea that when they leave, we collapse on the couch and order take-out. I used to do triathlons, but now I entertain grandchildren. Where’s my medal?

5. Free babysitting

If you don’t buy into any of the above reasons, consider the free babysitting grandparents provide! My grandchildren have never experienced what it’s like to have a babysitter because they have grandparents! If we’re not available, one of the other grandparents will be. Be nice to your free babysitters! Buy them a card, bake them a cake, or get them a present. It’s an investment that will pay back big time!

If you’re lucky enough that your children have loving, involved grandparents in their lives, don’t take it for granted. This Sunday is Grandparents Day. Take the time to acknowledge the vital role they play in the family!


With my sisters and grandparents. 1963

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