Family Fun with the Tulsa Drillers

What’s more American than baseball, right? Kids playing in the backyard, on little league and t-ball teams, asking to play catch with Dad, it’s all a part of our culture and our childhoods.

Going to a baseball game is the ultimate family friendly activity. Now, I’m not much of an athlete, but I sure love the atmosphere of sporting events. Most of the time I’m there for the hot dogs, peanuts, plastic cups of beer and soda, and I probably spend more time cheering for the cheerleaders than watching the actual game. Nonetheless, going to a baseball game is such a great way to get the whole family out of the house together in a positive, laid back environment.

The Tulsa Drillers OneOK Stadium is one of many newer venues in Downtown Tulsa that is booming with business. Locally owned businesses, large and small are thriving from Downtown revitalization. The night we went to the baseball game, the streets were packed with people attending the Paul McCartney concert at the BOK Center, Lion King at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center, and participants and spectators of the Tulsa Tough race. Having grown up in Tulsa with little reason to go downtown besides my yearly dance recital, I am very excited to see local businesses in Tulsa thriving!

It was a perfect Summer evening, with sunshine, a light breeze and no squelching heat or humidity. It was warm without being too hot, and plenty of Tulsans were happy to sprawl out on the grass in the general admission area. Personally, this is my favorite spot to see the game. When you have little kids who are squirmy and will likely be moving around anyway, having space on the grass for them to wiggle as needed without climbing on you like a jungle gym is crucial! The lawn is also close to the playground area if your kids get antsy during the game (which they may not even be watching depending on their age)! If you’re looking for a deal, go on Tuesday nights when Channel 2 offers $2 Tuesdays. $2 General Admission, $2 hot dogs and more!

Not to toot our horns or anything, but on this night in particular, we were fortunate to be invited into one of the suites to watch the game. Talk about high class living!

We got to go in through a special doorway to access the upstairs suites, walk down a special hallway,

and enter our premiere spot. In the suites, visitors can watch the game from inside through a big, gorgeous window with an amazing view.

Or they can go outside and sit in the upper part of the stadium. I like it out there, and the vantage point of the field is priceless, coupled with stellar view of beautiful Downtown Tulsa!

The kids had a blast, and both were asking questions about how the game works, what the numbers on the scoreboard meant. They both desperately wanted to catch a fly ball, which didn’t work out, but they did get a picture with Hornsby the mascot!

My husband was also very excited about getting a picture with Hornsby. He might have been having more fun than the kids!

The stadium was completely sold out, and The Drillers won! To top it off, there were fireworks after the game, as there are at all Friday home games. We are definitely planning to make it to more games this Summer, with and without kids!


See you around town!

Honeybee Mama


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